Are Hoodies Attractive On Guys? (According To Girls)

Everyone wants to be attractive.

And clothing is one of the main players in determining a person’s attractiveness. The clothes you wear say a lot about you, and good clothes help in sparking the first currents of attraction in the opposite sex.

Given that hoodies are practically the uniform of most guys in the fall and winter season, it is quite important for guys to know how they look in them.

And what better way of knowing than asking a bunch of girls?

Therefore, I talked to 8 of my female friends to know if hoodies are attractive on guys, or do they make us look lazy and sloppy.

The results were very surprising. Instead of talking about what each girl said, I have tried to infer common patterns from their quotes in order to remove the scope for personal bias and preferences.

All the information below is written after talking to these girls, so keep that in mind as you read this article.

Do Guys Look Good In Hoodies?


Guys look amazing in hoodies because a hoodie is able to hide all the imperfections on the frame of the wearer. A hoodie can also make guys look adorable because of the soft and fuzzy nature of the garment.

Most girls love the way a hoodie sits on a guy’s frame. Especially if you’re tall and lean with a decent physique, it can accentuate all these positive attributes of your body. But it does not mean the end of the world for short or chubby men, because the excess fabric of the hoodie is able to make these traits almost unnoticeable.

A hoodie is also a very sexy garment because of its history and context. Hoodies are generally worn by jocks and fitness enthusiasts, along with bad boys and slackers. All these subgroups appeal to some women, and thus they might find you “hot” or “sexy” if you’re wearing a sweatshirt.

Depending on what color you opt for, a hoodie can look both hot and cute. Darker colors such as black and navy look sexy because of the mystique that is associated with them, while lighter colors such as baby pink and teal can make you like an adorable ball of fuzz.

Thus, how a guy is perceived while wearing a hoodie depends mostly on how he styles it. But attraction can only happen when you are confident. And you can only be confident if you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Therefore, wear what you like in order to appear attractive. It’s not rocket science.

Are Oversized Hoodies Attractive?

Oversized hoodies look great on guys because they communicate that the wearer has knowledge of fashion and trends.

Probably the biggest trend in urban streetwear right now, oversized clothing has also made its way to hoodies. But unlike people think, wearing oversized sweatshirts does not make you look like you are swimming in fabric.

The real appreciation of hoodies is done by people who are already fashion-literate. A girl who is not really interested in clothing trends might think that you are just wearing a hoodie that is too big for you, but that is just a risk that you would have to take.

On the other hand, if the woman knows even a tiny bit about fashion (and most women do), then she’ll understand the layers of your outfit and the culture that it represents.

And just like all other garments, how you style the piece also plays a very big role in how attractive you are perceived to be. I have also written a guide about styling oversized hoodies specifically, so go through it if you need some pointers.

Should Guys Wear Hoodies?

Hoodie and coat

Guys should definitely wear hoodies, but only if the occasion calls for it. Hoodies are very much in style and will continue to be for a long period of time, so guys should have no qualms about wearing them.

Wearing a hoodie used to be associated with laziness, but that has especially changed after the events of the past couple of years, where the only thing we were wearing were hoodies.

Another point that some fashion critics make is that men over 25 or 30 or 45 (there really is no number) should not wear hoodies, because hoodies make them look immature and childish.

I will have to respectfully disagree here.

First of all, nobody should stop wearing a garment that they love just because they are not the “right age” for wearing it. Secondly, not all hoodies make you look childish.

Granted that wearing a Spongebob Squarepants hoodie when you’re 55 will look a tad bit odd, but there is no age limitation for a classic black hoodie that rests nicely upon your frame.

Also, if you are wearing a hoodie to a funeral or a high-end cocktail party or any other such occasion, then you’re the one at fault. It’s not the fault of sweatshirts if you fail to understand the dress code.

Thus, to conclude, guys should definitely be wearing hoodies, but only if the situation (both your personal situation and the vibe of the event) and the hoodie match.

Final Remarks

It is not difficult to understand why girls love to steal hoodies from their boyfriends. The simple reason is that hoodies look (and feel) awesome.

Hoodies look really attractive on guys. They give off a comfy, athletic, and laidback vibe, which makes them really popular with the ladies.