Are Khakis Business Casual? (Wear To Work)

Khakis are more or less suitable for business settings. They can be considered business casual since many companies allow people to wear them at the office.

Most companies follow stringent dress codes, which are as rigid as they appear. Wrong workwear can result in you getting an earful from your supervisor and HR.  

While it is somewhat surprising, khakis are considered formal and accepted by most companies as work wear. They have a straight fit like suit pants, so they look structured and crisp.  

Additionally, they also go exceptionally well with shirts which all companies prefer. If you are not wearing a blazer, you can easily carry khaki pants with your favorite workwear shirt.

If you are still trying to decide whether you should get a pair of khakis for work, you must look at this article, where I have explained everything in great detail. These pointers will help you understand precisely in which cases khakis are allowed for work.

Are Khakis Considered Business Casual?

business casual khakis

Khakis are a good choice for workplace fashion. They are definitely business casual and wearable for work purposes.

The best thing about khakis is that they are incredibly well-structured and sophisticated. Suppose you pair them with a light-colored shirt. In that case, khakis can brighten up your outfit without putting too much attention on your back.

Among bottoms, khakis are exceptionally comfortable due to their pure cotton fabric. You can quickly get them pressed and make them look ceaseless in no time.

They can be worn for office work or even where employees interact directly with clients. However, you can talk with your employer and confirm their company policy before buying yourself a pair of khakis.

Can you wear Khakis to work?

Khakis can be worn for work. You can wear them in an office setting and carry them with ease.

It is no secret that khakis look classy compared to trousers and cargo pants. You can wear them to work and skip out on super expensive suit pants, which sometimes feel slightly irritating.

Usually, khakis are worn with formal shirts, so the entire outfit looks ideal for work. You can also couple them with a blazer or a sweater in the winter.  

Almost all industries allow khakis as business casual workwear. It can be said that workplaces with uniforms do not allow khakis or anything outside their uniforms for work.

Apart from all this, almost all companies allow khakis. Sure there are a few exceptions where companies strictly have a suit-only policy.

Even educational sectors allow khakis because they look formal. However, it is always instructed to wear them with shirts and polos rather than tees.

Can you wear a Khaki to a job interview?

Khakis are suitable for job interviews. You can wear them as formal clothing with coats and blazers to create a good impression. 

Interviews allow khakis as long as you pair them with formal tops. Since khakis look pristine and sophisticated, they can make a good impression on your interviewer. 

You must select the perfect shade of khaki and team it up with light or dark-colored shirts for a formal outfit. They are also easy to carry and way cheaper than suit pants.

If you are someone who can spend a little money on clothes for an interview, a pair of well-fitted khakis will be enough for a clean look. Additionally, you can also wear a light-colored solid sweater if you want to wear something to stay warm.

Best Khaki colors to wear in a business casual setting

Khakis come in several color options, and you must select the right colors that are not too bright or flashy. Here is a list of khaki colors that are more suitable for business purposes:

1. Khaki

Of course, khaki is the most popular color when buying Khaki pants. They go well with different colored shirts and look great in the workplace.

2. Cream 

Cream is a good choice among light-colored khakis. You can pair them with darker colors with a light blazer for a formal look.

However, when wearing cream khakis, ensure they do not have stains or look dirty. Light-colored khakis get mucky quickly, so you need to own multiple pairs and wash them. 

3. Tan

Tan is the perfect color for pale-skinned people among khaki pants. They do not wash out people and pair well with light-colored shirts.

Tan khakis look pretty good in workplaces. However, it would help if you chose a darker shirt to pair with it and avoid wearing similar colors.

4. Taupe

If you are looking for a dark shade in khakis, taupe will be ideal for business casuals. The color is a great neutral and looks extremely good on all skin tones.

Taupe is a brilliant shade of grey that is best suited to light-colored clothing. The color also looks bold and is much more suited to khakis than black.

Final remarks

My explanations so far have made it clear that khakis are a good choice as work attire. They are well structured and fit well, especially with shirts and polos.

Here is a quick recap of what I have been trying to say in this article.

Khakis are a great option for work and can be worn in a business casual setting. Additionally, they are good enough for job interviews too.