Can Suede Hats Get Wet? I Actually Tested Them Out

Suede hats look awesome. They are unique, versatile, and add a three-dimensional texture to an outfit. Visually speaking, they are probably the most interesting piece of headwear among all sorts of hats and caps.

They make for great baseball caps, but there’s a problem. And that problem is water.

I couldn’t find enough information online about this topic, therefore, I put my scientist hat on and decided to conduct a few experiments. I put a few of my suede hats through rigorous experimentation, and here’s the result.

Let’s begin!

Can A Suede Hat Get Wet?

Suede hats are prone to getting wet and most of them are not waterproof. Suede hats are susceptible to water damage, and exposure to water can lead to discoloration, spots, shrinking, and form loss.

I will encourage you to waterproof your suede hats (something which we will cover later in this article) but keep in mind that suede will always be a hydrophobic fabric, no matter how much you treat it chemically.

Wearing your suede hat when it is raining cats and dogs out there is the worst thing you can do for its durability and longevity.

There are several methods for waterproofing suede, but only a decent suede protection spray will provide worthwhile benefits.

Are suede hats waterproof?

Most suede hats are not waterproof. However, if you dig deep enough into the world of suede hats, there are manufacturers who create quality headwear that doesn’t get destroyed in the rain.

In the decades that I have spent in the world of fashion and clothing, I have come across only one manufacturer that waterproofs their suede hats beforehand.

They are an old-school brand that doesn’t manufacture baseball caps. They just make extremely high-quality suede hats that are waterproof and are going to last you a lifetime. You can check them out on Amazon.

Can You Wear Suede Hats In The Rain?

The majority of the suede in the market cannot be worn in the rain. But there are a few manufacturers who treat their hats and caps in such a way that they become water-resistant. These hats can be worn in the rain.

If you don’t know whether your hat manufacturer did this or not, then chances are that they didn’t.

But all rain is not equal when it comes to suede headwear.

If it’s just a light drizzle, and you have properly waterproofed your hat, then you can wear it outside without worrying too much about the rain.

If it’s a heavy downpour, avoid wearing suede anywhere on your body.

How To Waterproof A Suede Hat?

You’ll need to waterproof your suede hat properly if you don’t want it to be subjected to the trials and tribulations of water damage.

The simplest technique to waterproof a suede hat is to spray it with a suede-specific waterproofing spray. Simply shake the waterproofing spray well before spraying it all over your hat.

I wrote a guide on waterproofing suede jackets, and I recommend that you go through it. The process is for waterproofing a suede hat is exactly the same, and I go into a lot more depth in that guide.

If you’re not sure which waterproofing spray to buy that truly works, here’s my recommendation, which is available on Amazon for a reasonable price. I’ve seen people suggest rubbing wax on your hat to waterproof it, but I can’t comment because I haven’t tried it.

However, if you ask me, I would much rather spend $10 getting a quality waterproofing spray rather than waste my time on random DIY things that don’t even work.

To each his own.

Can Suede Hats Be Washed?

Suede hats cannot be washed. Washing them is going to lead to darkening of color and loss of form.

There’s a caveat to this statement, however. It is only true for real 100% suede hats and caps.

But when it comes to faux suede hats, things are a lot different. Faux suede hats are made from polyester, and can easily be washed in a washing machine, without any lasting damage.

And I am not just saying this.

I have tested both real suede hats and faux suede hats in order to see if they would come out alright from the washing machine. The faux suede hat came out alright, while the nap of the real suede baseball cap had been completely destroyed.

So, don’t make the same mistake I made – keep your suede hats as far away from the washing machine as possible.

Final Remarks

Most suede hats are not waterproof. They can easily get wet, and this can lead to permanent damage. Water damage on suede hats includes but is not limited to structural damage, discoloration, peeling, and shrinkage.

That’s everything you need to know about the relation between suede hats and water. It is a tumultuous one, and that’s why I suggest everyone waterproof their suede garments.

Waterproofing suede is practically a necessity at this point. However, most suede cleaners are not up to the mark and do more harm than good.

Therefore, I decided to test out a bunch of suede cleaners, and I compiled a list of the five best suede cleaners that work perfectly.

And the good news is that they are all pretty inexpensive.