Does Skims Runs Small? (AVOID This Mistake!)

Skims shapewear products run much smaller than expected. Some products are so ridiculously sized that an XL size could pass for an XS. 

An American shapewear and clothing brand, Skims is co-founded by Kim Kardashian and Jens Grede.

Since its launch in 2019, it has captured the attention of everyone who wishes to attain the hourglass figure that runs in the Kardashian family. 

Skims has maintained excitement and buzz around it by offering various capsule collections focused on fabric diversification. Advocating for a seamless silhouette has made this aesthetic popular over the past year.

But it seems many people have realized how ridiculously size-marked these products are and provide no inclusivity of any sort.

Below is a small sizing review of different products from the brand to help find your perfect fit.

How Does Skims Clothing Fit?

skims run small

Skims runs extremely small when it comes to their shapewear. Their clothing and loungewear generally run true to size.

Skims sizing charts run inconsistently throughout their products. While one might understand that the shapewear is intentionally smaller to achieve a comprehensive look and feel, there is a lot of evidence of these being too small.

For instance, an acquaintance had bought a small/medium-sized sculpting mid-waist brief since they usually wear an S size. However, not only S/M, but a large/extra large size also felt uncomfortable and unflattering to her.

So what should you do?

Take a look at the official size chart on the Skims website. If you are buying shapewear, go one size larger than what the chart recommends. If you are buying pretty much anything else, you can just follow the chart as is.

While there have been numerous complaints about the shapewear, Skims still uses the catchphrase “Shapewear for Every Body”, which might be a little misleading because their 4X runs smaller than the competition.

But they have an easy return policy, so you never have to worry about getting a size up for your product.

Quick Tip 👉 Sometimes the Skims website shows discounts on products only after going through the clearance section and not if you directly go to the product page. Thus, make sure that you always check for your product in the sale section on the Skims website.

Which Skims Items Run Small?

Skims ClothingSizing
ShapewearRuns very small.
BrasTrue to size.
Shirts and TopsTrue to size.
LeggingsTrue to size.
SKIMS Cozy FitRun big.


Skims offers a large variety of shapewear, all of which run a couple of sizes small.

From waist trainers to bodysuits and underwear, Skims has a vast collection of shapewear that goes from size XXS to 5XL. While inclusivity on paper seems fantastic, it is disappointing that they run too small to fit a 5XL person.

For a medium size person, a large/extra large-sized brief might also run smaller than anticipated. Though the website says their products run true to size, that is certainly not true. And chances are, you will need to size up by two or three sizes.

Some users have complained that the shapewear is highly uncomfortable and not stretchy.

Skims are ill-fitting for an average person and might make them insecure about going a couple of sizes up when it is just wrong sizing.


Skims offers a wide range of bras; from bralettes, underwires, t-shirt bras, to even a shapewear bra. It generally runs true to size and is extremely comfortable on the chest.

It is non-constrictive underwear (even with padding and underwires), which the customers highly welcome. 

The current bestsellers, the triangle bralette and scoop neck bra, fit like a glove on the bosom. 

Shirts and Tops

T-Shirts and tops from Skims run true to size.

Figure accentuating comfortable t-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, etc. can all be found here – these range from XXS TO 4X. If you are looking for a boxier oversized fit, boyfriend t-shirts might become your thing.

These t-shirts run long on the torso, while crop tops are extra cropped, so you do not have much of an in-between option.


Skims has a fantastic collection of leggings that run true to size.

Their Everybody Leggings are a staple in the wardrobe for indoor wear, but ‘Outdoor Leggings’, a new introduction, are also a perfect addition to the collection.


Skims Cozy Fit collection has everybody on their toes. While it seems true to size, it can run a little longer if you’re petite.

Cozy Fit tank can run a little long on the torso, so you may want to size down if you’re petite and do not want that awkward fit.

As for Cozy Fit trousers, short and petite girls might be disappointed because these run long on the legs. So if you’re under 5’5″, stick to cuffed joggers from the Cozy Fit collection instead.

Does Skims Make Plus Size Clothing?

skims shapewear

Skims offers an impressive plus-size collection and inclusivity throughout all their clothes (except for shapewear which tends to run small).

While Skims might not have a different collection in plus size, their size ranges from XXS to 4XL (and sometimes even 5XL). 

Most of their products run true to size, except for shapewear. But in either case, keeping an eye on the size charts is a good practice.

Skims Size Chart For Women

US SizeDress SizeBust SizeWaist (IN)Hips (IN)
XXS030 – 3223.5 – 24.531 – 33.5
XS0 – 232.5 – 34.525 – 26.534 – 36.5
S4 – 635 – 3727 – 2937 – 39.5
M8 – 1037.5 – 39.529.5 – 31.540 – 42
L12 – 1440 – 42.532 – 3542.5 – 44.5
XL14 – 1643 – 46.535.5 – 3845 – 48.5
2X16 – 1847 – 50.538.5 – 4149 – 52.5
3X20 – 2251 – 5341.5 – 4453 – 55
4X24 – 2653.5 – 55.544.5 – 4755.5 – 57.5

Final Remarks

Skims is a celebrity brand that has been doing shockingly well in the world of fashion. Ranging from sizes like XXS to 5X, the brand seems to stand up to its name of ‘solutionwear‘ for everybody.

Skims has also been making constant changes in its products whenever buyers raise an issue, which sends a positive message to the world. Apart from the ridiculous shapewear size schemes, everything from this brand is top notch!

Here’s a quick recap of the article:

Does Skims run small? Skims shapewear runs smaller than expected, but clothing and loungewear from the brand are generally true to size. While a couple of their products might run a little long on the torso or legs, you must pay attention to the size charts before making a purchase.