Does Everlane Run Small? (Full Sizing Review!)

Everlane items, especially, their shoes and sweatshirts have a tendency to run small. You will have to size up to get a comfortable fit.

Everlane is a San Francisco-based clothing brand that specializes in wardrobe essentials and sticks to a clean and classy aesthetic for its products. They exude minimalism and I have to say, they’ve got really nice options to choose from. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a flashy-looking piece of clothing from Everlane that may have an over-the-top print or loud colors. They believe in solids and basics and they know how to pull it off. 

At Everlane, you get a solid deal for the price you’re paying and they’re super transparent about their pricing and by that, I mean, they actually show you a list of costs that went into making the item you’re purchasing. Not too many brands do that, eh? 

Everlane’s sizing, however, is a bit over the place, and in this article, I’m going to go over some of those inconsistencies. 

How do Everlane clothes fit? 

Everlane models

Everlane’s fit can be very inconsistent across most of their categories. I will recommend you to thoroughly go over the size chart before making a purchase.

While the brand does have issues with sizing, it really nails the quality aspect of clothing.

The excellent material that Everlane uses translates into clothes that feel light on the skin and makes you actually want to wear them even more!

Their denim is made from a really high grade of cotton and you can definitely appreciate the feel and quality of their jeans once you wear them. The same goes for their t-shirts and chinos which are quite light and breathable. 

One tip that I would like to give you is always to check out the clearance section at Everlane. Sometimes, due to a glitch, it is possible that the discount on a certain item is available only through the ‘Clearance’ page and not the product page itself.

They aren’t a streetwear brand, so you should not expect out-of-the-box fits from Everlane. Most of their clothing is slim fit, comparable to brands such as J. Crew and Gap.

But something that makes Everlane clothing better than these brands is that they’re committed to making their production process sustainable. For example, they use recycled rubber in their shoes without compromising the quality and fit.

Which size should you buy from Everlane? 

Everlane has some sizing issues and depending on the category, you may need to size up or down.

Let’s look at what the best fit is for you. The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the official sizing guide on their website.

Their sweatshirts tend to run smaller and if you are someone who’s well-built or a bit larger, I’d especially recommend you to size up. Even if you’re not, you can consider sizing up if you prefer a baggier aesthetic. 

Denim and dresses from Everlane end up being loose and larger than expected. So, unless you are a bit on the bulkier side or want a baggier-fitting pair, I’d recommend sizing down. For dresses, do the same especially if you’re on the shorter and petite side. 

Everlane t-shirts are absolutely true to size and unless you want to layer up underneath or are on the muscular side, you should stick to your regular size.

As far as plus-size is concerned, Everlane, unfortunately, does not make that line of clothing yet. The largest sizes they offer are XL and XXL. 

Everlane does a lot of things right in terms of quality of products and being sustainable but not having a dedicated plus-size line of clothing is a massive hole in their portfolio and they’ve received a fair amount of criticism for it. 

Which Everlane items run small?

Everlane ClothingSizing
SweatshirtsRun small.
ShoesRun small.
ShirtsTrue to size.
DenimRun large.
DressesRun large.



Everlane makes some fantastic sweatshirts with their classy designs that are comfortable on the skin and easy on the eyes. They do tend to run small, however, and you could do with sizing up for a comfortable fit. 

I’d recommend doing this, especially if you prefer a more laidback and relaxed fit for your hoodies and pullovers. 


Everlane shoes are simply terrific. They’re made of light materials, feel great on the feet, and give off these nostalgic 90s vibes we all seem to love! 

The shoes can run small, though, especially if they have narrow toes. I’d recommend getting half a size or one size larger than usual for a much better fitting pair for your feet! 


Everlane shirts fit true to size and you don’t have to worry about going one size up or down. Just go for your regular size and you’re all set. 

Everlane shirts are youthful, classy, and minimalist. They have great summer and winter colors and they fit great, too. 


Jeans are something Everlane seems to excel at. Their pairs feel solid and durable yet light and comfortable to the skin. They have got a wide range of colors too, apart from classics such as black and blue. 

Everlane denim tends to be larger than expected. I’d recommend sizing down for a cozier fit and a better-looking silhouette. 


Everlane dresses generally tend to run big, especially if you’re petite. 

But they offer a huge variety (their jumpsuits are especially great) and to enjoy it, I’d recommend sizing down for a more form-fitting fit.

Everlane Size Chart For Men

All measurements are in inches.

Shirts and Jackets

SizeNumeric SizeChestSleeveNeck
S3635 – 373314.5
M38 – 4038 – 4033.515
L4241 – 4334 – 34.515.5 – 16
XL44 – 4644 – 463516.5
XXL4847 – 4935.5 – 3617 – 17.5

Jeans and Trousers

SizeNumeric SizeWaist
S28 – 3028 – 30
M31 – 3331 – 33
L34 – 3634 – 36
XL37 – 3937 – 39
XXL41 – 4240 – 42

Everlane Size Chart For Women

All measurements are in inches.

Jeans and Shorts

Bottoms sizeDenim sizeWaistHip


SizeNumeric SizeBustWaistHip
XXS0 (000)30.52334
XS00 – 031.5 – 32.524 – 2535 – 36
S2 – 433.5 – 34.526 – 2737 – 38
M6 – 835.5 – 36.528 – 2939 – 40
L10 – 1237.75 – 39.2530.25 – 31.7541.25 – 42.75
XL14 – 1640.75 – 42.7533.25 – 35.544.25 – 46.25
XXL18 – 2044.75 – 46.7538 – 4048.75 – 50.75


SizeNumeric SizeBustWaist
XXS0 (000)30.523
XS00 – 031.5 – 32.524 – 25
S2 – 433.5 – 34.526 – 27
M6 – 835.5 – 36.528 – 29
L10 – 1237.75 – 39.2530.25 – 31.75
XL14 – 1640.75 – 42.7533.25 – 35.5
XXL18 – 2044.75 – 46.7538 – 40

Final remarks

Everlane is a fantastic place to shop if you’re looking for a classic and minimalist vibe in your outfits. They offer great colors for both winter and summer and pair them with really good quality material. 

There are some sizing inconsistencies when it comes to their products and in this article, I walked you through some of them. 

Let’s recap.

Everlane’s sweatshirts and shoes run small, their t-shirts run true to size, and their denim and dresses run large.