Does Fashion Nova Run Small Or Big? (Sizing Guide)

Fashion Nova clothing runs very small. Sizing up is necessary in order to get the perfect fit.

There is perhaps no other company that has disrupted the clothing market in the way Fashion Nova has (with the exception of Shein) in the last few years, and they are known for providing trendy pieces at extremely affordable prices.

But their sizing system still needs a lot of work. By the end of this article, you will be able to figure out exactly what size you need to get when ordering your favorite clothes from Fashion Nova.

How do Fashion Nova Clothes Fit?

Fashion nova girl

Fashion nova clothes tend to fit small. Their jeans are especially tight if you don’t decide to size up.

Due to the extremely affordable rates of Fashion Nova, the brand has had to cut corners in other departments. Sadly, one of these departments has been their sizing information.

Often times there are ridiculous size differences between the product listed and the product actually received, which makes it pretty difficult to trust their sizing system.

But I have had a lot of success by simply ordering my jeans, dresses, and tops in one size up than I order at other brands such as H&M.

Another thing that you can do to ensure that you get a perfect size is reading the reviews. Unlike Amazon, where most reviews aren’t trustable, the reviews at Fashion Nova are often very informative and they can help you in making a lot of decisions about your purchase.

Their size finder is also decent, but it can sometimes give out results that are faulty. It is best to trust your own judgment, and in most cases, you will notice that sizing up is the only suitable option.

In the next section, I will be covering the individual categories of the brand in detail, so that making a purchase becomes easier for you.

Because to be honest, Fashion Nova is the place for finding trendy clothing for cheap. If you just figure out their sizing system, the entire shopping experience can be very rewarding.

Which Fashion Nova Items Run Small?

Fashion Nova ClothingSizing
ShoesHalf-a-size small. Size up.
JeansFit Small. Sizing up is necessary.
Men’s ClothesRun small. Size up.
DressesTrue to size.


Although Fashion Nova offers a lot of variety in its jeans, most of them tend to run very small. Thus, there is a definite need to size up regardless of what kind of fit you are going for.

In fact, it has been reported by many media outlets and influencers that the sizing system at Fashion Nova is completely bonkers and that there is quite a bit of difference in the sizes of different products of the same category.

Thus, it is very important to take a look at the size guide for each individual product before making a purchase.

Men’s Clothes

The men’s section at Fashion Nova also runs quite small, and you would need to size up in order to get the perfect fit.

I ordered a pair of jeans and a Cuban-collared shirt from their website and in both cases, I had to return the product and order it in a size bigger than my actual size.

So keep that information in mind before you make your next purchase.


Fashion Nova is known for its trendy collection of shoes and footwear, especially its heels. But the fact is that both heels and regular footwear provided by them run half a size small.

My girlfriend wears a US 6 size in shoes, but when she ordered the same size heels at Fashion Nova, she had trouble getting in them.

The footwear quality is surprisingly good, however, it all means nothing when you can’t even get your foot inside the shoe.


Perhaps what started the whole Fashion Nova phenomenon (aside from their brilliant marketing) was how affordable their dresses were. Such prices hadn’t been seen since Shein disrupted the market all those years ago.

The dresses are actually true to size. Nova provides a lot of necessary measurements on the product page that makes the process of getting the perfect dress a lot easier.

Fashion Nova Size Chart For Men


US SIZE13½ / 1414½ / 1515½ / 15¾16 / 16¾17 / 17¼17¾ / 18
CHEST (IN)31½ – 3334½ – 36¼37¼ – 39½41 – 42½44 – 45½47¼ – 48¾
WAIST (IN)26½ – 28¼30 – 31½33 – 34½36¼ – 37¾39½ – 4142½ – 44


TOP (US)3234, 3638, 4042, 4446, 4850, 52
BOTTOM (US)2830, 3233, 3436, 3840, 4244, 46
CHEST (IN)3334½, 36¼37¾, 39½41, 42½44, 45½47¼, 48¾
WAIST28½30, 31½33, 34½36¼, 37¾39½, 4142½, 44
SEAT/LOW34¾36¼, 37¾39½, 4142½, 4445½, 47¼48¾, 50½
INSEAM3131½, 3232¼, 32¾33, 33½34, 34¼34¾, 35


Measurements26″, 27″28″, 29″, 30″31″, 32″, 33″34″, 36″38″

Fashion Nova Size Chart For Women


US/CAN13, 57, 911, 1315
BUST (IN)31-3333-3535-3737-3939-41
WAIST (IN)24-2526-2728-2930-3132
HIPS (IN)33-3435-3637-3839-4041
UK2, 46, 810, 1214, 1618
EU32, 3436, 3840, 4244, 4648
AUS2, 46, 810, 1214, 1618
BUST (CM)78-8383-8989-9494-9999-104
WAIST (CM)60-6565-7070-7575-8080-85
HIPS (CM)83-8888-9393-9898-103103-108


US/CAN0, 13, 57, 911, 1315, 17
WAIST (IN)24-2526-2728-2930-3132-33
HIPS (IN)33-3435-3738-4041-4243-44
UK2, 46, 810, 1214, 1618, 20
EU32, 3436, 3840, 4244, 4646, 48
AUS2, 46, 810, 1214, 1618, 20
WAIST (CM)60-6565-7070-7575-8080-85
HIPS (CM)83-8888-9393-9898-103103-108

Does Fashion Nova Make Plus-Size Clothing?

Yes, Fashion Nova makes plus-size clothing, but you are still going to need to size up in order to get the perfect fit.

Among the new age brands, Fashion Nova perhaps has the widest range of clothing available for plus-size women.

This increase in options is great, but the brand still has to work a bit in order to make its sizing system perfect.

Until that happens, you are going to need to size up when buying dresses and jeans.

Final Remarks

In this article, I went over the sizing system of Fashion Nova in detail so that you don’t have to worry a lot when you’re making your next purchase from them.

Here’s a quick recap of what we covered in this article.

Do Fashion Nova clothes run small? Yes, the clothing at Fashion Nova runs small. No matter what you are buying from them – jeans, dresses, or tops; you are going to need to size up.