Does Gucci Run Small? (Read Before You Shop!)

Like most other designer brands, Gucci clothing also runs a bit small. Therefore, you need to size up when buying anything from this brand. However, Gucci shoes are true to size.

A unique quirk of designer brands is that they tend to run a little smaller than the average fashion company. The reason behind this is that these brands aren’t really making stuff for the masses.

Therefore, their clothing can afford to be a bit slimmer than the rest of the competition. However, Gucci goes a little overboard with this, and thus you may need to size up when ordering from them.

How does Gucci Fit?

Gucci clothing

Gucci is true to size in shoes and slides, but not so much in the case of clothing such as shirts and dresses.

Although it is not a huge problem because Gucci has a lot of offline stores (especially in high-income areas), things can get a little complicated if you want to order from their website.

While their footwear is true to size, their shirts and dresses tend to run a tad bit small for both men and women. Therefore, you must size up when purchasing these items.

Another tip that I would give you is to look at the comparatively affordable items on the Gucci website. Sometimes you might find a product that is very similar to what you were looking to buy, albeit a lot cheaper.

Because Gucci does not run sales on its website ever, this is the only way to save some money.

However, you do not need to worry if you are ordering from their website, because I am going to tell you the exact size that you need to buy in order to get the perfect fit at Gucci.

What size should you buy at Gucci?

Take a look at the size chart provided on the official Gucci website. Compare your body measurements with it in order to find the right size for you.

I have also provided you with the general size chart at Gucci down below, but in all honesty, it would be better if you look at the actual size chart given on their website (linked in the previous paragraph) to get the most accurate data.

When in doubt, size up.

Which Gucci Items Run Small?

Gucci ItemSizing
ShirtsFit small. Size up.
DressesRun half a size small.
ShoesTrue to size.
BottomsFit small. Size up.


The shirts at Gucci are a bit tight if you are going for your regular size. Therefore, for the perfect fit, it would be better if you size up.

This information also holds true for women’s shirts as well as polo shirts, as they also tend to run a bit small.

But please note that the tops and t-shirts that are specifically labeled as ‘oversized’ are generally true to their label. You don’t need to size down for them.


Dresses at Gucci run about half a size small. Thus, if you are a bit curvy, you can go one size down but it’s not really necessary.

There are a lot of measurements that are unique to an individual dress. Therefore it is difficult to label them in one phrase.

The best option would be to just take a look at the size chart given with each product in order to find out the best size for you.


Gucci loafers
My favorite Gucci loafers 🛼

Shoes are an exception at Gucci because they fit true to size. Thus, if you are buying a Gucci shoe, there is no need to size up or down. Go true to size.

Most designer shoes tend to run a bit big, but this is not the case at Gucci. The shoes here are comparable in size with brands such as Nike and Adidas.

If you’re planning to purchase slides, I would recommend that you still go true to size.


The bottoms at Gucci run about half a size to a size small. Therefore, if you are buying jeans, leggings, pants, or any other form of trousers from this brand, you would need to size up.

For example, if you are a size 33 in jeans, I would recommend that you go for a size 34. Remember, a pair of pants can always be made smaller but they cannot be made larger.

It is best, however, to take a look at the size chart as each product may be a little different.

Gucci Size Chart For Men


3043 / 1782 / 32.3
XXS3244 / 17.386 / 33.8
XS3445 / 17.790 / 35.4
S3646 / 18.194 / 37
M3847 / 18.598 / 38.6
L4048 / 18.9102 / 40.2
XL4249 / 19.3106 / 41.7
XXL4450 / 19.7110 / 43.3
XXXL4651 / 20.1114 / 44.9
4852 / 20.5118 / 46.5
5053 / 20.9122 / 48


302663 / 24.883 / 32.6
XXS322867 / 26.487 / 34.2
XS343071 / 2891 / 35.8
S363275 / 29.595 / 37.4
M383479 / 31.199 / 39
L403683 / 32.7103 / 40.5
XL423887 / 34.2107 / 42.1
XXL444091 / 35.8111 / 43.7
XXXL464295 / 37.4115 / 45.3
484499 / 39119 / 46.8
5046103 / 40.5123 / 48

Gucci Size Chart For Women

Tops and Dresses

XXXS302337 / 14.677 / 30.3
XXS0324538 / 1580 / 31.5
XS2346739 / 15.483 / 32.7
S4368940 / 15.786 / 33.8
M638101141 / 16.189 / 35
L840121342.5 / 16.793 / 36.6
XL1042141544 / 17.397 / 38.2
XXL1244161745.5 / 17.9101 / 39.8


XXXS30232059 / 23.285 / 33.5
XXS032452262 / 24.488 / 34.6
XS234672465 / 25.691 / 35.8
S436892668 / 26.894 / 37
M63810112871 / 27.997 / 38.2
L84012133075 / 29.5101 / 39.8
XL104214153279 / 31.1105 / 41.3
XXL124416173483 / 32.7109 / 42.9

Does Gucci Make Plus-Size Clothing?

No, Gucci does not make plus-size clothing. The maximum size that they have on their website is XXL or 2XL.

This, in my opinion, is a major misstep by a company as big as Gucci. The plus-size market is growing year by year and is worth billions of dollars.

The company is not only gatekeeping fashion by keeping only regular sizes, they are also losing out on a bunch of money they could have made manufacturing the plus size dresses and jeans.

But if 2XL is your size, then you can find a decent selection at Gucci.

Final Remarks

That’s everything that you need to know about the sizing system at Gucci. I know the company is lagging in some places such as its refusal to come out with plus sizes, but the brand value of Gucci has constantly been on the rise.

So, here’s a quick recap.

Do Gucci clothes run big? Gucci clothes tend to run a size small in most departments. Therefore, you need to size up when purchasing from them. Gucci shoes, on the other hand, are true to size.