Is it Better to Hang or Fold Polo Shirts? (Tips and Tricks)

Folding polo shirts is much better than hanging them because it takes less space and prevents wrinkles from forming on the polo’s surface.

Polo shirts are a summer staple.

Perfect for when you want to look a bit put-together without looking like a try-hard, a polo shirt is essential for every man’s wardrobe.

But how should one store the polo shirt in that wardrobe is the question that we’re tackling today.

It may not seem like much, but how you store a polo shirt can have a big impact on how long it lasts and how much wear you can get out of it.

In this article, I will put the hanging vs folding debate to rest, and explain to you the best way to store a polo shirt.

Polo shirt

Hanging vs Folding A Polo Shirt

Hanging a PoloFolding a Polo
Takes up a lot of space.Takes up less space.
Can stretch out the fabric.Does not stretch out the fabric.
Difficult to pack.Easier to pack.

A polo shirt should always be folded. It is the most optimum way to store it.

Hanging and folding are two major ways to store your clothes neatly. However, as far as polo shirts go, it is better to fold them up and stack them in a pile.

Most polo shirts are usually made of thin cotton, which means that they can easily get stretched out or damaged if you decide to hang them.

But if your polo shirts are made of a sturdier material, then you can use padded hangers to hang the garments because they can prevent certain damage that narrow hangers might cause.

Also, folding a polo shirt not only saves space but also increases its lifespan, making it last much longer.

Advantages of Folding Polo Shirts

Folding polo shirts come with many benefits, which include the following:

1. No marking or distortion on the polo shirt

If I wanted my polo shirts to last longer, the best thing I would do would be to fold and not hang them, simply because hangers could put distortions on them.

This distortion might not happen all of a sudden, but my polo shirt will eventually end up with weird dents and dimples that are going to look quite odd.

2. Less wardrobe space

Hanging polo shirts will virtually take up the whole space in your wardrobe whereas folding them and stacking them in a pile will take less space, creating room for other things that you might want to fit in.

3. Easier to pack

When preparing to travel, you can easily pick up a stack of polo shirts and fit them into a bag or luggage since they are already folded up.

This saves me a lot of time from having to take them down from the hangers and fold them up again. This is one huge benefit folding has over hanging in regards to polo shirts.

How To Store Polo Shirts Without Wrinkling?

There are two methods I use to store polo shirts without wrinkling. Both of them work pretty effectively, so just pick the one that you like the best.

Here are the methods below:

1. The Rolling method

In this method, instead of folding, you simply roll up your polo shirts.

If you are looking to prevent wrinkling, there isn’t a better method than this one. This is perhaps why it is the preferred option for those in the military.

2. The Regular method

This method is mostly used by everyone, and while it may be popular, it can lead to some light wrinkling over time.

Still, the creases are very light and are not very visible.

Also, I have a pro tip for you.

If your polo shirt has a couple of creases after folding them the regular way, you can simply spray some water over the affected areas and straighten out the creases.

The Best Way To Fold A Polo Shirt?

Folding a polo shirt is quite simple, and knowing the best way to fold one is essential for most adult men.

Here’s how I fold a polo shirt:

Step 1: Lay your polo shirt flat and straighten it out to remove any wrinkles.

Step 2: Button up all the buttons of the garment.

Step 3: Next, fold the sleeves into the body of the polo by taking each sleeve and folding it back to the middle of the shirt.

Step 4: With your hands, smoothen out the fabric and any irregularities.

Step 5: Next, fold the sides of the shirt in.

Step 6: Repeat with the other side of the shirt, making sure both sides are folded in and touching.

Step 7: Finally, bring the bottom of the shirt up to the collar to fold the shirt in half, and then you’re good to go.

Final Remarks

Polo shirts are the best. You can look stylish in them pretty easily, and frankly speaking, it is difficult to look bad wearing one. Especially if you have nailed the fit.

Storing them, however, is a different ordeal.

I hope in this article I was able to clear all your confusion regarding the best way to store a polo shirt.

As always, here’s a quick summary of this article.

Is it better to hang or fold polo shirts?

It is better to fold polo shirts. Doing so ensures that the shirt does not develop creases and takes less space in your wardrobe.