Linen Rayon Blends – The Complete Guide

Linen is a great fabric on its own, but it becomes even better when blended with other fabrics. One of the most popular linen blends out there is the linen rayon blend. It is an excellent choice for the summer, and combines the lightness of rayon with the breathability of linen.

In this article, I will be answering all the questions that you may have about linen rayon blends. I will go into great detail and tell you everything that you need to know about this fabric.

Linen rayon blends can be hand-washed, machine-washed, and ironed, but they cannot be tumble-dried. Linen-rayon garments also tend to stretch sometimes and are prone to wrinkles and shrinkage. They are also light, breathable, and great for the summers.

Properties Of Linen Rayon Blends

linen-rayon blend

Does Linen Rayon Blend Stretch?

Depending upon the proportions of linen and rayon in the blend, a linen-rayon blend can definitely stretch. More often than not though, these blends do not stretch.

Linen as a fabric is known to not stretch at all. It has very stiff fibers. Rayon on the other hand can stretch quite a bit, especially if it gets wet. Therefore, whether the garment would stretch or not will depend on the ratios of both these fabrics.

If linen is used more than rayon, then the fabric will probably not stretch. If rayon is used more than linen, it probably will stretch. Since most linen rayon blends have a higher percentage of linen in them, they don’t stretch by a lot.

Does Linen Rayon Blend Wrinkle?

The fact of the matter is that wherever there is linen, there are going to be wrinkles. But it is also true that linen rayon blends tend to wrinkle much less than 100% linen garments., sometimes even by a factor of 50%.

Rayon is a fabric that doesn’t really wrinkle all that much. So if the proportions of rayon in the blend are high, then you can be assured that there will only be minimal wrinkling.

Linen rayon blends also perform much better than linen-cotton blends in this regard and tend to wrinkle way less.

Will Linen Rayon Blend Shrink?

Linen rayon blends tend to shrink if they are washed in warm or hot water. If they are hand-washed in cold water, then the shrinking is going to be either way lesser or non-existent.

This distortion in the shape of the garments happens because linen and rayon are both fabrics that can easily shrink if not cared for properly. Thus, always pay attention before washing your linen-rayon shirts, trousers, and dresses.

I did some experiments on some of my linen garments in regard to shrinking, and if you are interested you can check out that post here.

How To Care For A Linen Rayon Blend?

Caring for a fabric includes washing, drying, and ironing it. I have covered all three topics down below.

Can You Machine-Wash Linen Rayon Blends?

Linen rayon blends can be machine washed in cold water. Washing them in hot water or warm water may lead to shrinkage.

Since linen and rayon are both fabrics that are prone to shrinking, manufacturers often put the “dry clean only” label on them. In my experience, it isn’t necessary (or feasible) to go to a dry cleaner every time that you want your clothes cleaned.

And I have been machine washing my linen rayon blends for years. There have been some edge cases where my garment has shrunk a little bit (2-5%), but it wasn’t noticeable at all.

How To Wash Linen/Rayon Blend?

Linen-rayon blends can be both machine-washed and hand-washed. However, such fabrics should never be washed in warm or hot water as that will lead to shrinkage.

I prefer to wash my linen-rayon clothes by hand, but I understand that not everybody has this much time on their hand. So you can absolutely throw them in the washing machine, but just make sure that you choose the “gentle” cycle.

Water is not harmful for this type of linen.

If you are dealing with particularly delicate clothes, I would recommend you to take some time out and hand wash your garments. Use a mild detergent, and just wash them like you would wash any other garment.

Can You Linen Rayon Blends Be Ironed?

Linen rayon blends can be ironed at medium heat. Always iron on a flat surface and use a pressing cloth for best results.

Linen is a fabric that wrinkles easily, but it is also a fabric that scorches very easily. Same with rayon. So never iron a blend of these two fabrics on the “high heat” setting.

Just make slow, smooth strokes, and keep checking on the shirt or pants or whatever it is that you are ironing every once in a while.

Can Linen Rayon Blends Go In The Dryer?

Never put linen rayon blends in the dryer. This can lead to stretching, shrinking, and all kinds of distortions to the shape of your garment.

Instead, spread them out on a table to dry, or hang them up on a clothesline once they aren’t dripping wet. This will be the slower method, but it will keep your clothes safe.

If you have to tumble dry them for some reason, try to keep both the heat and the agitation to “low”. However, I would still recommend you to avoid this method of drying linen-rayon garments if you can.

What Is A Linen Rayon Blend?

A linen-rayon blend garment has the lightness and breathability of linen along with the smooth drape of rayon. Linen/rayon blend clothes tend to look quite opaque, and are excellent for the summer season.

The blend of these two fabrics can be used to create dresses, shirts, suits, and much more.

Is Linen And Rayon A Good Blend?

Linen and rayon blends have a few different advantages.

  1. They combine the breathability of linen with the wearability of rayon to create the perfect garment.
  2. They are both super lightweight, and thus a combination of these two fabrics tends to work great for the summers.
  3. The stiffness of linen is adjusted by the stretchiness of rayon, resulting in a ultra-comfortable feel and fit.

Linen VS Linen/Rayon Blend

Pure LinenLinen-Rayon Blend
Linen is a stiff fabric and will not stretch a lot.Linen/rayon blends tend to have a little bit more stretch in them and tend to be pretty comfortable.
Linen is great at moisture wicking.Due to the presence of rayon, blends tend to be a tad bit worse at moisture wicking
100% high-quality linen is very expensive and can easily burn a hole in someone’s pocket.Linen rayon blends tend to be a bit on the cheaper side.
The difference between pure linen and linen rayon blends.

Sewing With A Linen Rayon Blend

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when sewing with a linen-rayon blend fabric or garment.

  1. Rayon unravels pretty easily, so pay close attention to the edges of the garment. Double-secure them if the need arises.
  2. You should always pre-wash a linen rayon blend before you begin working on it.
  3. To prevent the piece from sliding on the cutting table, first place a layer of tissue paper equal to the fabric on your cutting surface, then place the fabric on top. Then do your measurements.
  4. Use sharper scissors when cutting linen rayon blends. 

Final Remarks

Linen rayon blends can be hand-washed, machine-washed, and ironed, but they cannot be tumble-dried. Linen-rayon garments also tend to stretch sometimes and are prone to wrinkles and shrinkage. They are also light, breathable, and great for the summers.

Linen rayon blends tend to make the perfect clothes for the summer. They are very lightweight in nature and promote breathability. They can also be washed and ironed with relative ease. However, linen-rayon garments should never be tumble-dried.

They are also prone to stretching at times depending on the proportion of the fabrics in them. They shrink in hot water and are prone to wrinkles.