Does Maje Run Small? (Honest Sizing Review!)

Maje products tend to run quite small compared to its competitors. You will need to size up for a better fit.

On a general note, the fact that a majority of Maje clothes run small makes their sizing consistent in a weird sort of a way where you’re guaranteed to get the right fit if you size down by default. That’s not something you get to say about every brand out there. 

Maje is a Paris-based clothing brand that was founded just over 20 years ago by Judith Milgrom. Having lived in the French capital for most of her life, she envisioned her brand to spread Parisian chic and style through its apparel. 

In this article, I’m going to go over some of Maje’s sizing issues and try to offer solutions.

How do Maje clothes fit? 

maje dress

Maje’s clothing runs small across different product categories. Therefore, I would recommend you size up when ordering from this brand.

Maje is known for making high-quality clothes that are made from top-tier raw materials. This combined with years of experience in knowing how to do things the right way makes it stand out from its competition. 

In terms of fit, all of their items exude a sense of style whilst being comfortable and easy on the skin. There is no harsh or itchy material, and (when sized up), the clothing generally fits you really well. 

So what size should you go for when purchasing through their website?

Here’s what I would do. Take a look at the official size on Maje’s website. Compare your body measurements with it, and if you are ordering a dress, you follow the chart as is. However, if you are purchasing anything else, it would be better to go for one size larger than what the chart recommends.

This way the cuts and silhouettes will all be proportional, so you won’t end up with a top that fits right on the shoulders but is too wide in the torso.

From its beautiful dresses to bold tops and classic jeans, Maje excels at producing apparel that will fit you great and make you stand out from the crowd. As an added bonus, the brand offers sustainable options, too!

One more thing 👉 Sometimes the Maje website shows discounts on products only after going through the clearance section and not if you directly go to the product page. Thus, make sure that you always check for your product in the sale section on the Maje website.

What size should you Get from Maje? 

Maje’s sizing is not consistent, even within the brand. Depending on the category and type of garment, you may have to size up or size down. 

As a luxury brand, Maje has to ensure its clothes fit great and feel good on the skin. The price they command should be justified and consumers should feel satisfied with their purchase. 

Refer to the size chart

To make sure you select the correct size, take your measurements and compare them to the size chart on the Maje website.

As a rule of thumb for Maje, you should go for a larger size when in the market for tops, jackets, and trousers, especially if you’re muscular or on the taller side. This minor adjustment is going to pay dividends when it comes to having a sleek and attractive silhouette!

For shoes, on the other hand, I’d actually suggest sizing down because you don’t want a pair that doesn’t fit well and is going to hamper your movement. This is especially true if you have slimmer feet! 

As far as plus-size clothes are concerned, Maje, unfortunately, doesn’t make any. The largest size they offer is XL which, to be honest, is quite unimpressive. For a brand that operates in tens of countries worldwide, not having a dedicated plus-size line of clothing is quite a hole in its portfolio. 

Which Maje items run small? 

Maje ItemsSizing
TopsRun small.
JacketsRun small.
DressesTrue to size.
ShoesRun large.
Jeans and TrousersRun small.

Tops and Shirts

Maje tops and t-shirts run quite small, however, compared to a contemporary brand such as Everlane. You can manage this by simply sizing up. 

Maje’s top-wear is truly something to behold! They have everything from modern-looking tops to casual tees and classy shirts. These undeniably fantastic clothes come in a wide range of colors and patterns. 


Maje jackets themselves tend to run smaller than expected. I’d suggest sizing up, especially if you’re going to add layers underneath your jacket. 

Have you ever looked at a piece of clothing and felt it is edgy and sexy but at the same time, classy and modern? Well, a really good example of that would be any one of Maje’s stunning jacket collections, 

Jeans and Trousers

Maje’s jeans and trousers often run smaller than expected. This can be quite uncomfortable and the best way to avoid it is by simply getting a larger size than your usual one. 

Maje excels at making trousers and denim that are stylish but at the same time, practical and comfortable to wear. They have a wide range of chinos, pants, and classic jeans to choose from! 


Generally, any pair of shoes you may buy from Maje tends to be a bit larger than expected. This doesn’t bode well in terms of practicality and usage. I’d suggest sizing down to get a snug fit for your feet.

This Paris-based brand certainly knows how to make some fantastic shoes! They’re eye-catching and edgy and certainly know how to make a statement. 


Maje’s dresses are actually true to size. This means you can go for your usual size and not have to worry about sizing up or down.

Maje is quite famous for their dresses, and truth be told, they are perhaps the only brand that offer great designs while SIMULTANEOUSLY giving great quality.

Maje size chart for women

EU SizesMaje SizesBustWaistHipsLeg Length

Final remarks

Maje has made a name for itself as a luxury brand that makes chic, vibrant, and modern-looking clothes that exude a classic Parisian vibe! At the same, they’re accessible to more people as compared to brands like Gucci or Versace. 

In this article, we glanced at Maje and some of its sizing inconsistencies. Let’s recap. 

Maje tops, jeans, and jackets run small while their dresses are true to size. Their shoes and heels actually run large.