Mountain Fashion: How to Prepare for a Summer Hike

Mountain climbing, hiking, and trekking are all fantastic activities by all means. If you’re a passionate outdoor person, you’ll love spending time in nature. Climbing mountains and trekking are excellent activities, but you must know how to prepare yourself depending on the occasion.

If it is the summer, it means it’s hot, and spending more time up there may be dangerous if you don’t know how to prepare yourself. Some people will quit their efforts and go back without finishing what they started because it has become too hard for them.

To be successful and to enjoy the trip, you should learn how to dress and what to wear. In this article, we share a couple of tips and tricks to make your adventure in nature more exciting and enjoyable. Read on to learn what you need to do for a flawless mountain trip.

how to dress for hiking

1. Wear light clothes and reflective colors

If it is hot and sunny, you must wear the right clothes to be comfortable. Hot weather and clothes that aren’t adequate may seriously ruin your adventure. If you’re wearing black clothes, they will attract the sun and make it unbearable for you.

On the other hand, clothes in light colors, like white, are excellent. They will reflect the sun’s rays and make you feel more comfortable. Also, you’ll want clothes that are made of cotton and other light materials that won’t make you sweat and have a hard time.

2. Pick adequate clothes – not too tight and not too loose

It’s essential to wear the right size and the right types of clothes to feel comfortable and make it from start to finish. All stores selling sporting equipment will have shirts and shorts specialized for hikers and trekkers.

Go through the options and find the perfect women’s shorts and shirts that were made for these needs. Look for the right sizes. If you choose clothes that are too tight, you won’t feel comfortable during the trip, and if you wear them too loose, you’ll struggle to keep the clothes in place.

3. Apply sunscreen on your skin

There’s no question that the sun has been disastrous lately. You must stay protected because the effects of the hot summer sun are terrible. You can suffer severe conditions if you do not protect yourself. The simplest and best solution is applying sunscreen.

Your skin is fragile, and you must protect it from the UV rays coming from the sun. Especially during the hours of the day when the sun is the highest, you will surely get hurt by it. A simple sunscreen with enough protection will do the job to stay safe, and don’t worry about eventual sun-related injuries.

4. Wear protective sunglasses

Sunglasses are another thing you must have when going on an adventure through nature. The sunglasses will protect your eyes, just as the sunscreen will protect your skin. Your skin may get burned, and you’ll still get home safely, but if you can’t see, you can’t go anywhere.

There are specific sunglasses that will stay on you even if you’re climbing rocks and going through harsh terrain. Look for these sunglasses if you want to enjoy the freedom of movement and be sure that they won’t fall off. Any sunglasses with proper protection for your eyes will do, but these special pairs will make your trip more comfortable.

5. Avoid makeup

Makeup while doing any physical activity is simply wrong. There are many reasons, the most notable ones being health and comfort. Wearing makeup while you’re hiking and sweating means clogging your skin pores and not letting the toxins get out of the skin, causing serious problems.

Instead of letting this happen to you, you should go without makeup. Another reason not to wear any is that under the hot sun, all makeup will melt and make your face look terrible. Additionally, as you sweat and your makeup gets ruined, you’ll feel awful knowing things are not as they should be.


These several things are essential to know when hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, biking, and other physical activities in nature and the wilderness. If it is summer, you must know what to wear, and you must pick your clothes before heading off.

As you can see above, you should avoid wearing makeup, but you need protection from the sun for your skin and face. Sunglasses and sunscreen are crucial when you’re going into nature. These two things will protect you from the harsh sun.

Finally, pick light clothes that will be perfectly fitting. Spend some time through stores and find the best options for you. Aim for comfortable clothes that fit perfectly on you. Choose excellent materials and colors, and ensure you’re battling the weather conditions with all weapons available.