Does Old Navy Run Small Or Big? (Sizing Review)

Old Navy tends to run big for most body types. Therefore, consider sizing down, especially if buying online.

When you think of stylish clothes for grown-up men (or women), Old Navy is the first brand that comes to mind.

But what may confuse potential customers is the recent negative press about their sizing issues, with accusations of indulging in vanity sizing.

In this article, I will discuss how Old Navy items fit and how you can find the perfect size, for both men and women.

How Do Old Navy Clothes Fit?

old navy

Generally speaking, Old Navy clothing tends to run a bit large. However, there is some variation among different styles and silhouettes. For example, Old Navy’s straight-leg jeans are quite roomy, but the same cannot be said for their dress pants.

So here’s what you should do when ordering from the brand.

Take a look at the updated size chart on Old Navy’s website. Compare your measurements with it, and just go one size smaller than what the chart recommends.

The brand is one of the oldest fast-fashion retailers in America, and it retains an old-timer ethos in its style too. Therefore, when most fast fashion stores tend to run small (I am looking at you, H&M, and Shein), that’s not the case with Old Navy.

However, they are not exactly true to size either, an issue that both the men’s, as well as the women’s department, suffers from.

But Old Navy also offers a wide variety of sizing options, from XXS to XXL. This means there’s something for everyone here, regardless of your body type or size.

One more thing 👉 Sometimes the Old Navy website shows discounts on products only after going through the clearance section and not if you directly go to the product page. Thus, make sure that you always check for your product in the sale section on the Old Navy website.

What Size Should You Get At Old Navy?

You should get one size smaller than your original size at Old Navy.

You may need to size down for most items, but this is not 100% true for their entire collection.

But a great thing about Old Navy is that they give you each product’s measurements right on the buying page. So all you need to do is equate the product measurements with the measurements of your own body, and pick the right size accordingly.

Which Old Navy Items Run Small?

Old Navy ClothingSizing
ShirtsRun big.
DressesTrue to size.
ShoesIncoherent sizing.
JeansRun big.


Most Old Navy shirts tend to run big, for both men and women.

For men, I can give the blanket advice of sizing down because of our comparatively uniform body types.

Women would need to pay some attention to the size charts though, simply due to the number of measurements that affect their body type.


People tend to buy Old Navy shoes at a whim, and rightly so because they’re not the main focus of the brand.

This may also explain the weird sizing issues I faced when buying shoes from them. The sizing simply does not make sense.

While I am a size 11 in most places, Old Navy had me wearing size 9s and 10s too, depending on the model. I would recommend that you just ditch the idea of buying shoes from them.


While Old Navy is not really known for its dresses, the sizing on these pieces is immaculate.

Seriously, I am yet to find a dress from their store that was ill-fitting on any of my models (I worked for a long time in the fashion industry).

So you can simply go true to size on these pieces.


Old Navy jeans tend to be quite roomy. So if you prefer a baggier fit, you can go true to size, but for most people, I would recommend sizing up.

This is especially true for women’s sizes, which tend to be cut narrower than men’s sizes.

And as for other types of bottoms such as trousers and leggings, they tend to run small. Go one size up when shopping for these pieces.

Old Navy Size Chart For Men

All measurements are in inches.

Shirts and Sweaters

S14 – 14½32½ – 3337 – 38
M15 – 15½33½ – 3439 – 41
L16 – 16½34½ – 3543 – 45
XL17 – 17½35½ – 3647 – 49

Old Navy Size Chart For Women

All measurements are in inches.

Jeans and Bottoms


Tops and Dresses


Does Old Navy make plus-size clothing?

Yes, Old Navy does make plus-size clothing and it runs true to size. Their plus-size clothing line offers stylish and affordable options for women of all shapes and sizes.

For tops, their sizing goes up to 3X, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit. And they offer extended sizes for women in bottoms too, up to plus size 30.

Unlike other clothing brands, Old Navy no longer sells plus-size clothing separately. You can easily toggle between sizes 4,12 and 18 on their website to see how the item looks on different body sizes.

Final Remarks

In this post, I tried to cover everything I know from my experience about the sizing system in place at Old Navy. There are some ups and downs in their sizing process, but overall, I highly recommend the brand.

Here’s a quick recap of the article.

Old Navy items usually run large, and, thus it’s best to order one size down from your original size. There are some exceptions to this rule, and these can be found by looking at the product measurements chart on the product listing.

With free returns, it’s also very easy to exchange your garment if you face any sizing issues.