Is It Okay To Wear UGGs In The Rain? (GUIDE)

Ugg boots are generally not waterproof, and it is advisable not to wear them in the rain. They’re not designed for these conditions, and doing so may lead to stains and other issues. 

UGG boots, or simply uggs, are sheep-skin boots that became popular in the 60s. Their intended purpose was to keep the feet warm in cold weather. They have since been adopted into casual wear courtesy of Hollywood stars popularizing them years ago. 

Very few uggs are waterproof. The classic ones that are made out of sheep-skin on the outside and wool on the inside are susceptible to water damage. There are, however, uggs made from synthetic materials that do a much better job of withstanding water. 

wearing uggs in the rain

Can I wear uggs in the snow? 

Initially designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable in bone-chilling cold, uggs are not well-suited for use in rain and snow.

Classic uggs made from suede and with a woolen inner lining are susceptible to the elements such as water and snow. They can get stained or damaged if used in these conditions. 

There are, however, synthetic uggs that are a lot more durable in terms of withstanding snow. If you come from an area that tends to snow, you are better off sticking to these boots. 

Let’s look at practical situations where you should and shouldn’t wear uggs. 

When and where to wear Ugg boots?

It is good to get uggs made out of synthetic, durable materials if you come from a place where it snows. On the other hand, in areas where snowfall is not an issue, the classic sheep-skin uggs are perfect winter footwear.

Uggs go excellent with an extended range of bottom wear, be it pants, jeans, or a pair of warm leggings! They also look good in skirts and dresses. Now, this is versatility. 

However, this versatility only extends to formal settings such as offices or weddings; you should not pair your uggs with traditional clothes. They may look a bit off on such occasions. 

Finally, regardless of their appearance, resist the urge to wear uggs in warm weather. They will be uncomfortable since they are designed to warm your feet. Also, the excess sweat from your body may damage the woolen lining on the inside. 

How to waterproof uggs?

Uggs can be waterproofed to increase their life and protect them from the elements.

Firstly, you will need a suede brush, clean cloth, waterproof spray, protective suede spray, newspaper, and some cold water. Here is how you go about waterproofing your uggs.

  1. Clean your UGG boots thoroughly with a suede or nubuck cleaner to remove any dirt or stains.
  2. Allow the boots to dry completely.
  3. Apply a waterproofing spray, cream, or wax specifically designed for suede and nubuck materials to the entire surface of the boots. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product.
  4. Use a soft brush to work the waterproofing treatment into the material, making sure to cover all areas of the boots.
  5. Allow the boots to dry completely before wearing them.
  6. If you want extra protection, you can apply a second coat of waterproofing treatment.

Note: If you want to waterproof the inside of the boots, test a small area first to make sure it doesn’t discolor the boots.

How to clean and maintain your uggs?

For general cleaning of your uggs, you can toss them in the washing machine, set it to ‘delicate’ and ‘cold water,’ use some clear detergent, and they will come out looking brand new. 

When it comes to removing stains from your uggs, however, that’s a bit tricky. Stains can be of different types, such as dirt, oil and grease, and water spots, and may require special care. 

For dirt, you first want to brush the boots lightly and then wet the stain with water—no need to soak the whole boot. Then, with the help of a sponge, apply a suede stain cleaner or a mixture of water and plain vinegar to the stain. Rinse off the spot with some plain water. 

Oil and grease stains can be difficult to remove. Rub some white chalk powder or cornstarch powder onto the color and let it sit overnight. The idea is to absorb the stain into the powder. The following day, dust off the boots with a brush, and the color should be gone. 

Removing water spots from your uggs is relatively easy. All you got to do is rub one part of the suede with another, and the stain will be gone! Super convenient. 

After washing your uggs, how you dry them is crucial in prolonging their life. The best way to do it is by air drying them. Stuff the insides with some newspaper for shape retention. Hanging them upside down can also speed up the process. 

Final remarks

This article discussed when and where to wear your uggs boots and how to clean and maintain them. Let’s recap. 

Uggs are generally not suitable for use in rain and snow unless they’re made out of synthetic, or you’ve waterproofed them. By using them in these conditions, you run the risk of staining them.