What Is A Pique Polo? (And Do You Actually Need It?)

Polo shirts are a man’s best friend. They look good in offices, parties, casual events, and tennis games. What else can you need from a shirt?

But somewhere along the line, when searching for a new polo shirt, you may have come across a term called “pique polo shirt”.

So, what is a pique polo shirt?

The term pique polo shirt refers to those polos that have a geometric knit that looks like a waffle pattern. This type of knit is called a pique knit, and it lends a lot of breathability and durability to polo shirts.

Despite being worn by both men and women, the widespread use of pique polos has not resulted in similar media coverage, and therefore, in this article, I will be going over this fabric in detail, answering all the questions surrounding it in a comprehensive manner.

What is a Pique Polo Shirt?

pique polo shirt

A pique polo shirt is a knitted polo that has a waffle pattern on top of it that lends it added durability and breathability.

Pique fabric uses cotton and polyester-cotton blends to make your shirts a lot sturdier, and its extremely absorbent nature also makes it a lot better in dealing with sweat and moisture.

Are Pique Polos Woven or Knitted?

Unlike other fabrics, pique is knitted, not woven. This means that pique polos are not made from multiple fabrics interlocked with each other, but a single yarn that has been manipulated into a pattern using needles and techniques

However, some manufacturers have started making polo shirts that are woven, not knitted. But these shirts cannot be referred to have the “pique” fabric, because pique is always knitted.

Are Pique Polos better than Regular Polos?

Pique polos are much better than regular polo shirts. They provide the added benefits of durability, flexibility, and breathability to your shirt.

Whereas regular polos fall pretty flat in the texture department (pun intended), the pique polo shirts have a waffle texture that is much more interesting stylistically.

And pique polos just look more expensive and luxe than regular polos. If you don’t believe me, you can check out the catalog of high-end brands such as Lacoste and Ralph Lauren and you will find that most of it is filled with the pique variant.

Pique Polo vs Jersey Polo

Pique PolosJersey Polos
They have a waffle-like texture.They have no texture on their surface.
Durable.Can be damaged easily.
Rough to touch.Very soft to touch.
Prone to Wrinkling.Doesn’t wrinkle as much.
Sweat and moisture resistant.Unable to handle sweat.

Jersey polos are an alternative to pique polos. They are smooth in texture and are very lightweight, which makes them a great pick for places that see extreme heat.

But one of the downsides of this fabric is its inability to handle sweat in an efficient manner, and this can lead to a lot of pit stains and discomfort in the long run.

Both pique and jersey polo shirts are knitted and use interloping yarns to produce their fabrics. Jersey fabric is primarily used for t-shirts while pique fabric is generally used for polo shirts.

At the end of the day, picking between the two is a matter of personal choice. However, in terms of most parameters, pique polos outperform their jersey counterparts.

The only time I would recommend you go with jersey polos is if you plan to do a lot of physical activity while wearing them. Their elasticity makes them a lot better in these situations.

But if you do not plan to use your polos are your gym gear, go for a pique polo shirt.

Pique Polos vs Cotton Polos

It is impossible to differentiate between pique polos and cotton polos because they are essentially the same thing.

Let me explain it a bit better.

Pique polos are actually made from cotton. Therefore, all pique polo shirts are cotton polo shirts. But the reverse of that statement is not true, because cotton is also the primary material in jersey polo shirts.

Thus, while all pique polo shirts are cotton polos, all cotton polo shirts are not pique polos.

Final Remarks

In this article, I tried to clear the myths and confusion surrounding pique polo shirts. They have a ton of benefits, look extremely stylish, and really deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Here’s a quick recap of the article.

The polo shirts which are knitted to have a waffle or honeycomb-like pattern are called pique polo shirts. These types of shirts are much more durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking than regular polos.