Does Aeropostale Run Small? (Find Your Perfect Size)

Aeropostale clothing tends to run just a tad bit small. Size up if you want a roomier fit or if you are in-between sizes.

I purchase a lot of clothes from Aeropostale and this has been what I have experienced. There are only a few items that you can get true to size because most of the clothing is going to fit you about half a size smaller than your original size.

In this article, I will be going over everything you need to know in order to find your perfect size here at Aeropostale.

How does Aeropostale Fit?

Aeropostale sizing

Aeropostale is not true to size. It runs about half a size small, but sizing up is very necessary because Aeropostale clothes tend to shrink a bit in the long run.

This is because most of the clothing at Aeropostale is made out of cotton. And cotton, as a fabric, is known for shrinking in the wash. There is not really a lot you can do about this issue.

Thus, from a practical perspective, it makes sense to size up. You are going to end up with a better fit and it is going to last you an incredibly long time.

So, what size should you go for when purchasing from their website?

Here’s what I recommend. Take a look at the official size chart on the Aeropostale website, and compare your body measurements with it. In order to get the perfect fit, you need to go one size larger than what the chart recommends.

So, to simplify, in the world of Aeropostale, anย XS is an S, an S is an M and an M is an L and an L is an XL.

Quick Tip ๐Ÿ‘‰ Always check the clearance section at Aeropostale. On occasion, due to technical difficulties, discounts on certain items may only be available through the clearance page rather than the product page itself.

Which Aeropostale Items Run Small?

Aeropostale ClothingSizing
ShirtsHalf-a-size small.
JeansFit slightly small. Sizing up is optional.
ShortsRun very small.
TopsTrue to size.


The shirts at Aeropostale run about half a size small. This includes polo shirts, t-shirts, and regular button-down shirts.

Some of their fits such as the muscle fit tend to be true to size though, and thus I would recommend that you check out their size predictor before making any purchase.

It will help in guiding you to the product that serves your needs the best.


Aeropostale offers jeans in a wide variety of cuts and fits, but most of them run just a tad bit small.

It is not really necessary to size up because jeans are a clothing item that don’t need to be washed very often. Thus, just go by your waist size when picking jeans from Aeropostale.

However, if you want a roomier or a baggier fit, then the best thing to do is size up. You can get the waist taken in and the jeans will end up fitting perfectly.


The shorts at Aeropostale run very small. You will definitely need to size up if you don’t want to suffocate in them.

Especially the women’s section has terrible sizing when it comes to shorts. My girlfriend picked a few pairs in her size and they all unanimously fit very small.

Thus, if you are a woman, you need to size up when buying shorts from Aeropostale.


The women’s tops at Aeropostale run true to size. There is no need to size up or down.

My girlfriend was very surprised to see that the tops at Aeropostale actually fit her really well. She purchase a bodysuit that ended up fitting her like a glove.

She also loved the tube tops at Aeropostale, both in terms of fitting as well as looks.

Aeropostale Size Chart For Men

All measurements are in inches.

SizeChestWaistNeckSleeve Length

Aeropostale Size Chart For Women

All measurements are in inches.





Does Aeropostale Make Plus-Size Clothing?

Aeropostale does make plus-size clothing, but even their plus-size clothing runs a size small.

They have jeans up to size 20 and tops up to 2XL, but when compared to the rest of the fast-fashion industry, Aeropostale is lagging behind.

The collection is subpar, and the clothing runs a size small. So if you wear a size 20 in jeans for example, then Aeropostale doesn’t have any bottoms that are going to fit you perfectly.

Thus, in my opinion, Aeropostale has a long way to go before it becomes a go-to destination for plus-sized people.

Final Remarks

In this article, I tried to solve every doubt possible about the sizing system at Aeropostale. However, if you still have any doubts, you can check out the official size charts given above.

And here’s a quick recap of what you read in the article.

Do Aersopostale clothes run small? Yes, Aeropostale clothing tends to run about half a size smaller than the rest of its competitors. Therefore, when shopping at Aeropostale, you are going to need to size up.