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84% of female participants and 92% of male participants cite “looking good” as an essential quality that they want in their partners.

(Chapman University, 2015)

Let’s be honest, you didn’t need that stat to know about the importance of looking good. However, I will often hear something like this from my clients:

But I can’t change the face I was born with, so I might as well just give up on this attractive-ness thing.

Wait a second… who said anything about your face?

Can You Believe That These Two People Are The Same

That’s me before and after I started taking style seriously. But my face didn’t really change all that much. So what was the actual cause of glow-up?

HintThe answer is in the name of the website.

It’s literally the Magic Of Clothes.

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I have helped more than 30 clients discover and develop their personal style, through targeted 1-on-1 sessions.

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hey, I am Alex

With over 30 clients under my belt, I’m an experienced personal stylist.

Why should you take my advice?

For the last 5 years, I’ve learnt the ins and outs of the clothing industry. I started with fashion design, dabbled in manufacturing, switched to modelling, and finally ended up as a private personal stylist.

In simple words, I know all the brands, their quality, their sizing, what they say, what they really mean, what you should wear, and most importantly, what you should never wear.

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