EVERY Suit Jacket Size Decoded (With Measurements)

If the complicated sizing system of suit jackets makes you confused and irritated, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will be breaking down the various sizes of a suit jacket (also called blazers), what those numbers actually mean, and what size is going to be perfect for you.

If you do not have time to go through the entire article (I recommend that you do, by the way, there’s a lot to learn here), then here’s a quick size chart that will help you in figuring out which size you should get in suit jackets.

Suit Jacket Size Chart

Jacket SizeWaist (in inches)Chest (in inches)HeightSleeve length
34R26 – 2832 – 345’8″ – 6′34 in
34S26 – 2832 – 34Less than 5’733 in
36L27 – 3034 – 36More than 6’136 in
36R27 – 3034 – 365’8″ – 6′34 in
36S27 – 3034 – 36Less than 5’733 in
38L29 – 3236 – 38More than 6’136 in
38R29 – 3236 – 385’8″ – 6′34 in
38S29 – 3236 – 38Less than 5’733 in
40L30 – 3438 – 40More than 6’136 in
40R30 – 3438 – 405’8″ – 6′34 in
40S30 – 3438 – 40Less than 5’733 in
42L32 – 3640 – 42More than 6’136 in
42R32 – 3640 – 425’8″ – 6′34 in
42S32 – 3640 – 42Less than 5’733 in
44L34 – 4042 – 44More than 6’136 in
44R34 – 4042 – 445’8″ – 6′34 in
44S34 – 3942 – 44Less than 5’733 in
46L36 – 4244 – 46More than 6’136 in
46R36 – 4244 – 465’8″ – 6′34 in
46S36 – 4144 – 46Less than 5’733 in
48L38 – 4446 – 48More than 6’136 in
48R38 – 4446 – 485’8″ – 6′34 in
48S38 – 4446 – 48Less than 5’733 in
50L40 – 4748 – 50More than 6’136 in
50R40 – 4748 – 505’8″ – 6′34 in
50S40 – 4648 – 50Less than 5’733 in

However, this information might not be completely accurate, because each suit brand tends to fit a bit differently. Therefore, you need to be aware of the underlying meaning of suit jacket sizes so that you can figure out, on your own, what size is going to be the best for your body type.

But again, it’s a good starting point as people have different size torsos and legs and it’s meant to fit a range.

Suit Jacket Size Meaning

Suit SizeInternational SizeWaistChest

Here’s a breakdown of each suit jacket size and its corresponding international size.

  • A size 34 suit jacket is considered Extra-Extra-Small (XXS).
  • A size 36 suit jacket is considered Extra Small (XS).
  • A size 38 suit jacket is considered to be Small (S).
  • Size 40 and Size 42 suit jackets are considered Medium (M).
  • A size 44 suit jacket is considered Large (L).
  • Size 46 and Size 48 suit jackets are considered Extra Large (XL).
  • Size 50 and Size 52 suit jackets are considered Extra-Extra-Large (XXL).

What Do Suit Jacket Sizes Mean?

A suit jacket’s size is usually denoted by combining a number with an alphabet. Examples are 40r, 38s, 48l, etc. These numbers are typically between 34 and 52.

The numerical portion of the sizing denotes the chest size of the jacket in inches. Therefore, a 48l coat is going to have a 48-inch chest area. A 40r suit jacket will have 40 inches of room in the chest.

Now that that’s clear, let’s move on to the other part of the sizing equation – the alphabets.

The letters in the sizing system denote the length of the jacket. R stands for regular, L stands for long, and S stands for small. Some brands also provide XL (Extra large) and XS (Extra small) sizing.

The length of a jacket is really important because a 44-inch suit jacket may end up looking very different on two individuals if one of them is 5’5 and the other is 6’3.

What Jacket Size should you go for?

If you’re shorter than 5’7, go for a size S. If you’re taller than 6’1, go for a size L. If you are between 5’7 and 6’1, go for a size R. Combine this size with your chest measurements to find out which suit jacket size is perfect for you.

For example, if your chest size is 40 inches, and you are 5’9, then you should go for a 40r jacket as that is the size that is going to fit you perfectly.

What Size is a 40r Jacket?

Suit size

While the official sizing depends on the manufacturer, a 40r jacket is considered as “medium-size” by most designers.

A 40r jacket can accommodate a 40-inch chest, and the letter R means that it is a regular cut.

Therefore, go for a size 40r jacket if your chest is in the 39-41 inch range and your height is between 5’8 and 6’1.

However, there are also two more variations to the 40r suit jacket – the 40s jacket and the 40l jacket. Here is the difference between these three variants:

40r vs 40s vs 40l

Waist30 – 34 inches30 – 34 inches 30 – 34 inches
Height5’8 – 6′Less than 5’7More than 6’1
Chest38-40 inches38-40 inches 38-40 inches
Sleeve Length34 inches33 inches36 inches

What Size is a 38r Jacket?

A 38r jacket is considered a size “small” by most manufacturers. However, this can vary from brand to brand as most brands have their own sizing system.

As denoted by the symbols, a 38r jacket is meant to be a regular cut jacket with its chest measurements being 38 inches.

But as always, one brand’s 38r might fit you perfectly while another’s 38r coat is too tight or too loose.

There are two more variations of the 38r jacket – the 38l and the 38s. Here’s a comparison between them.

38r vs 38s vs 38l

Waist29 – 32 inches29 – 32 inches 29 – 32 inches
Height5’8 – 6′Less than 5’7More than 6’1
Chest36-38 inches 36-38 inches 36-38 inches
Sleeve Length34 inches33 inches33 inches

Final Remarks

In this article, I tried to cover the complicated sizing system of suit jackets and coats. I hope I have covered all the common doubts people have about this issue and helped you make the right decision about what suit to buy.

I can go on and on and talk about every suit size in detail like I talked about 40r and 38r, but I think by this point, you can do the calculations for yourself.

Basically, the entire sizing experience can be improved if you know your measurements. Doing this will help you in making sure that your suit fits you perfectly.

Remember – What lingerie is to men, a well-fitted suit is to women.