What Does TD Mean in Shoes? (Read Before You BUY)

In the shoe industry, TD stands for ‘Toddler’. TD shoe sizes are slightly smaller than PS (preschool).

TD shoes, GS shoes (grade school), and PS shoes are often entirely new terms for people. Thus, to avoid this confusion, all these shoes mention the age group they cater to.

Below is a brief article on everything you might need to know about this shoe terminology before shopping for your toddler.

What does TD in shoes stand for?

TD in Shoes

TD in shoes means toddler. This actually means that the shoe is constructed keeping the age group of 1-3 years old in mind.

Brands make these shoes for toddler kids who are on the verge of walking or have started doing so already. The design of the footwear is in such a way that the young ones can walk without the shoes weighing them down.

Usually, shoes can be a hassle for babies who haven’t worn any since birth. Apart from this, they generally consider shoes a hindrance with the new need to take unsteady steps whenever they can and to totter freely.

These TD shoes are generally designed and manufactured with certain specifications, so babies do not feel weighed down by them.

The soft material, inner lining, and outsole are all made toddler-friendly and ensure that the toddlers can walk freely and face no challenges when using these shoes.

How to know what size fits the best for your toddler?

Always measure the size of your child’s foot with a scale from top to bottom. It is the only way to find the best fit for them since they are in a growth spurt at that age. 

Chances are your toddler is outgrowing their shoes before you realize it.

Choosing a pair of shoes depends more on the shoe’s comfort, fit, and function rather than just its fashion.

For healthy foot development for your kid, you might need to take a minute and check how they fit them because a child’s feet can continue growing up until the age of 18.

Picking the wrong size could prevent this with some standard precautions you need to keep in check:

1. Measure your child’s feet

Measuring your child’s feet is the most accurate way to select a shoe size for them.

Have them stand up while doing so because the pressure elongates the length of the foot, and they might need to go half a size bigger

If you do not have the proper equipment to measure the size, have them stand over a sheet of paper and trace their foot. Now while shoe shopping, place that traced sheet on the bottom of the shoe and see what size is the most correct for them.

2. Don’t buy too big

It is common sense not to buy small-sized shoes, but you should never purchase big shoe sizes either.

Bigger shoe sizes are the number one reason for the trips and falls during the early age when kids are learning to walk. So make sure to provide them with the most comfortable environment while they take that small step (read giant leap).

2. Always check the toes

Adequate width and depth in the toe box can help to prevent putting too much pressure on the toes.

Allow at least a thumb’s width of the distance between the tip of the toes to the shoes. This gives toddlers room to wiggle their toes and move around freely.

3. Look for extra support

Though not energetic, toddlers sometimes get playful and look for physical activities.

A soft sole shoe might look better or be more breathable for your toddler, but a rigid sole shoe, like a rubber-soled shoe allows better support. So if your toddler has been a little energetic for some time, it’s time for that extra precaution.

Otherwise, you can stick with soft-soled shoes if your toddler is learning to walk.

Does Nike sell toddler shoes?

Yes, Nike sells a wide variety of toddler shoes. They are built for toddlers who want to move all day.

Nike shoes have a super soft cushioning and an easy slip-on design with “for-show” laces only—everything tiny feet might need for learning to walk or run.

They might run half a size small, so buy them in-store rather than online.

Should you buy TD shoes for your toddler?

Buying TD shoes for your toddler is essential as it helps in early motor skills development.

For the comfort factor, TD shoes are more comfortable than big kid shoes since they are made from soft soles to allow toddlers to get used to them.

When toddlers learn to walk, they generally need soft-soled shoes to feel the touch of their feet and develop muscle strength.

It also protects them from injury, heat, and cold. So consider buying soft-soled shoes if you do not wish to have them walk around barefoot.

Final Remarks

Seeing unknown abbreviated terms while browsing for the best shoe for your child might be a little overwhelming for young mothers. Still, it is a process that allows you to get the exact right thing for your young child.

Here’s a quick review of what we discussed so far in the article:

TD in “TD shoes” stands for toddlers from 1-3 years of age. These shoes are slightly smaller than PS (Pre-School) variants and are generally soft-soled.