Are Cargo Pants Business Casual? (Solved)

Cargo Pants are extremely unsuitable as business casual clothing. They are usually worn for outdoor activities and other casual events.

There is no doubt that cargo pants are really comfortable and extremely summer-friendly. However, they are not allowed at work in most places and are only feasible if you are working from home.

Some industries with a less strict clothing policy do allow cargo pants but there are very few places that accept cargo pants as office wear. Most corporate offices and firms prefer more formal wear along the lines of shirts and straight pants.

Wearing cargo pants can be disastrous in places that strictly follow formal attire for office and you may even end up being written up for the wrong choice of clothes. Additionally, casual wear makes you look less polished as compared to formal wear.

Can we consider Cargo Pants business casual?

cargo pants business casual

Cargo pants are not considered business casual. They are strictly under the category of casual wear and are made for outdoor activities.

In clothing, cargo pants are mostly meant for casual settings and activities. However, some companies do allow their employees to wear cargo pants for work.

These companies usually have a more relaxed policy for office attires and allow casual wear for work. Outdoor work like construction also tends to allow cargo pants for better mobility.

For managerial and higher-up positions, Cargo Pants is a big no-no. If your company policy asks you to refrain from tees and joggers, chances are that cargo pants are disallowed as well.

If you want to know more about whether you can wear Cargo Pants to work, you need to take a look at the points I have discussed here. Furthermore, the article will also discuss various colors of Cargo Pants that are most suited for work.

Can you wear Cargo Pants to work?

Cargo Pants should be avoided when selecting clothes for work purposes. They are completely casual wear and not the best option for workplaces.

When it comes to selecting outfits for work you can easily get rid of cargo pants. They are not accepted in most workplaces and can lead to displeased office management and other consequences if your office policy prohibits casual wear for work.

The media and entertainment industry or along with e-commerce sectors do allow casual wear that includes cargo pants. Back office jobs also tend to have no clothing policies so cargo pants can be worn. 

Gym employees and people at fitness studios can also wear cargo pants as gym wear. Additionally, construction workers and people who usually work outdoors can wear cargo pants if their company policies allow.

However, in most sectors like education, law, legal, medical, corporate, and real estate, cargo pants are not allowed. You should definitely avoid them if you work in any of these sectors.

Can you wear cargo pants to a job interview?

Cargo pants are not a good choice for any kind of job interview. They are more on the casual clothing side and not something you should be wearing for an interview.

Wearing cargo pants to job interviews is another big no-no. Since it is casual wear, your interviewer may form an unfavorable impression of being laid back and uninterested based on your attire. 

However, in some cases like in the media and entertainment industry or even at clothing and food outlets, wearing cargo pants for interviews would not be a big deal. Also,  remember that interviewing for posts among higher-ups requires formal clothing which doesn’t include cargo pants.

Best cargo pants color to wear in a business casual setting

If you have been allowed to wear cargo pants to work, you need to buy very specific colors so as to not jeopardize the semi-formal look of your workplace. Here is a small list of colors that will be best suited for cargo pants if you wear them in an office setting:-

1. Brown

Brown is one of the most popular colors in cargo pants. It goes well with most outfits and is best suited for outdoor work.

Brown cargo pants also do not get dirty easily which is why they are ideal if you are working outdoors. People working in construction and maintenance can wear brown cargo pants so that the dirt and dust don’t show up easily.

2. Black

Black is another top color in neutrals that is suitable for cargo pants as business casuals. The color is bold but also symbolizes power and sophistication.

The color is also pretty low maintenance so it’s suitable for people who frequently work outdoors. When coupled with a white shirt, black cargos actually look pretty clean and classy.

3. Navy

Navy is a dark neutral which is preferred by many office goers. The color looks great in cargo pants and is universally flattering.

Like any dark and solid color, navy cargo pants are low maintenance as well. The color doesn’t attract too much attention and follows formal color standards that are preferred in the workplace.

4. Olive

Olive is a great color for Cargo Pants in business casual settings. The color blends in with the surroundings and looks great even on darker skin tones.

It is an excellent color that doesn’t look flashy and loud. The color is great for workwear, especially for people working outdoors.

5. Grey

Grey is a dull color but perfect cargo pants. It looks great with shirts and tees of darker colors and suits all skin tones.

The color grey is better than pure white and a great option for people who prefer lighter colors that don’t stand out. Therefore, they can be easily worn outdoors as well as at retail or food outlets which allow casual clothing.

Final remarks

I hope I have been able to explain why cargo pants are probably not the best option when it comes to working. However, I also acknowledge that some workplaces tend to allow cargo pants, especially for people who work outdoors. 

However, if you are a normal office worker with a desk job, you can altogether just ditch cargo pants as work wear. Here is a quick recap of what we have discussed so far.

Cargo pants are not suitable for business or work purposes. They belong to casual wear and can be worn only in very few industries.