Does Nasty Gal Run Small? (Read Before You Shop!)

Nasty Gal runs true to size for most of their clothing. Therefore, there is no need to size up or size down for a better fit.

There have been a lot of online fast fashion stores that have gained prominence in the past couple of years. But in terms of quality, at least in my opinion, no one beats Nasty Gal.

Thus, I decided to make them part of my “Sizing Review” series. In this article, I will be going over the intricacies of the sizing system at Nasty Gal, and how to find the garment that fits your body type perfectly.

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How does Nasty Gal Fit?

Nasty Gal clothing does not run small or large. Most of it fits perfectly, and thus you can go for your original size in the majority of the product categories.

We all know about the sizing woes at major fast fashion providers such as Forever 21 and Zara, but even online stores are suffering from the same problems; Shein and Fashion Nova are the biggest examples.

Therefore, finding a brand like Nasty Gal whose sizing is exactly like advertised, is like a breath of fresh air.

So, what size should you go for when purchasing from this brand?

Here’s what I recommend. Take a look at the official size chart on Nasty Gal’s website. In order to get the perfect fit, all you need to do is follow the chart.

This is a rule of thumb that I have followed when shopping from the brand, and I’ve never been disappointed.

Many brands have tried the gimmick of having a size finder, where you only have to put your height and weight and the algorithm will suggest the perfect size for you. But it is only Nasty Gal whose algorithm is actually great.

The size finder will give you exactly the size you need for each product, and in most cases, the resulting garment is going to be perfect for you.

One more thing 👉 Sometimes the Nasty Gal website shows discounts on products only after going through the clearance section and not if you directly go to the product page. Thus, make sure that you always check for your product in the sale section on the Nasty Gal website.

Which Nasty Gal Items Run Small?

Nasty Gal ClothingSizing
TopsTrue to size.
JeansTrue to size.
DressesTrue to size.
ShoesTrue to size.


There is a huge range of tops available at Nasty Gal, and lucky for us, most of them are true to size.

You can find everything from a cropped hoodie to a tight bodysuit, and all of them are going to fit you just the way you expect. If you have seen a few other articles on this website, you will know how rare of a thing it is to experience.

There is no need to size up or down, as none of the garments actually run small.


Nasty Gal jeans were another big surprise for me, especially in terms of how they fit. There was no major issue with putting them on, they didn’t dig into my waist, there were no complications with the inseam, and most importantly, they made my butt look cute.

The jeans run true to size and are not small as some other reviewers have mentioned. Just go with your regular size and you would be fine.


The dresses at Nasty Gal fit true to size. Their size finder can help you find the absolutely perfect size for you.

In my opinion, the major reason for the growth of Nasty Gal was how well they handled dresses. None of them run particularly small or large.

I had seen a lot of brands try out the “size finder” gimmick, but with mixed results. I am happy to say that the Nasty Gal size finder has never been wrong for me, and it helped me find the right fit for the dress I wanted to purchase.


There is a wide variety of shoes available at Nasty Gal, and for good reason. They are perhaps the only provider of quality footwear that is both trendy and affordable.

The heels, sneakers, and boots at Nasty Gal fit true to size. They do not run small, so there’s no need to size up.

The brand gives you a bunch of measurements in their size guide which you can compare with your feet in order to find the right fit. Or if you are lazy, just go with what’s your size in Nike, and nine times out of time, the shoes are going to end up fitting you perfectly fine.

Nasty Gal Size Chart Women

All measurements are in inches:




Size24 Inch26 Inch28 Inch30 Inch32 Inch34 Inch36 Inch38 Inch
EUR FR3436384042444648
EUR DE3032343638404244

Does Nasty Gal Make Plus-Size Clothing?

Nasty Gal’s plus-size collection is one of the best in the market. Their range of sizes is great, and the jeans at Nasty Gal go up to a size 24.

In my opinion, the brand’s greatest triumph is figuring out the sizing of their jeans. There are other brands out there that offer more sizes, but the fit of the jeans at Nasty Gal is… immaculate.

They also have a pretty vast collection, so you are going to end up being spoilt for choice. I recommend that you buy your jeans from their store, but tops can often run a little tight, so maybe consider some other vendor for them.

Final Remarks

Nasty Gal has taken the market by storm in the last couple of years. Thanks to their brilliant marketing strategies, now more and more influencers are wearing their merch. But the complicated sizing issues at Nasty Gal are what made me want to write this post.

So, here’s a quick recap for you folks who have the memory of a goldfish.

Does Nasty Gal run small? No, Nasty Gal runs true to size across its entire collection. Their size finder makes it pretty easy for anyone to figure out their size. Thus, there is no need to size up for their clothes.