Does Patagonia Run Small? (Find Your Size!)

The slim fit and regular fit styles at Patagonia run small, while the relaxed fit clothing is true to size.

Patagonia is synonymous with the outdoor clothing market. The brand, along with The North Face, has consistently been one of the top performers in the sector.

Therefore, I decided to order some of their stuff as I could find very little information about their sizing on the internet. In this article, I will be breaking everything down for you so that you realize what size you need to order at Patagonia for the perfect fit.

How does Patagonia Fit?


Patagonia clothing can fit true to size depending on the style you get. The relaxed fit items are true to size, while the slim fit and the regular fit items run small.

And this is a pretty big deal because Patagonia specializes in outdoor clothing.

So if you are wearing a jacket that’s already one size small for you, then layering underneath it becomes extremely difficult because there is just no space. While this may not seem like that big of a problem, it can become one in extremely cold areas where layering is a must.

Therefore, it is of extreme importance that you get the right size at Patagonia. And that’s exactly what I will be covering in the next section.

What size should you get at Patagonia?

If you live in a relatively colder place, then you should definitely size up at Patagonia. If you prefer a tighter fit and live in a slightly warmer place, you can go for your original size.

Moreover, they have size guides for each product on their website that are going to give you the exact measurements of the product you are buying. This will further help you in making the right decision about sizing.

Which Patagonia Items Run Small?

Patagonia ClothingSizing
JacketsRun small in most fits.
SweatersRun small.
ShirtsTrue to size.
FleecesTrue to size.


The slim fit and regular fit jackets at Patagonia run small, while the relaxed fit jackets are true to size.

Patagonia is mainly known for its outerwear, primarily its jackets, and it’s a shame that their sizing can sometimes absolutely suck.

The slim-fit jackets are quite tight, and leave no space for layering. Thus, sizing up is practically a necessity.


Patagonia sweaters tend to run one size small if one takes layering into account. Therefore, sizing up is essential if you live in colder areas.

Patagonia makes tons of different sweaters, and without a doubt, the quality of these pieces is top-notch. Thus, I would recommend that you still go for the pieces, even if you have to face the inconvenience of sizing up.


The shirts at Patagonia fit true to size. There is no need to size up or size down.

Their primary focus is on performance-based outerwear, but the shirts at Patagonia are also of pretty excellent quality.

Even the women’s shirts fit true-to-size, something that even major fast-fashion brands haven’t been able to nail down. Thus, you can just go for your regular size in their shirts without any worry.


Patagonia specializes in its fleeces, and the brand incorporates the material into sweaters, shirts, and even jackets.

Most of their fleece line fits true to size, but the slim fit can be a bit restricting around the armhole region, especially if you go heavy on the layering underneath.

Therefore, only size up if you are going to wear the fleece over a bunch of other layers. If you live in someplace like Arizona, for example, then there is no need to size up.

Patagonia Size Chart For Men

All measurements are in inches.

Jackets, Hoodies, and Shirts

SizeChestLow HipArm Length


SizeWaistLow HipStandard InseamShort InseamRegular InseamLong Inseam

Patagonia Size Chart For Women

All measurements are in inches.

SizeChestWaistLow Hip

Does Patagonia Make Plus-Size Clothing?

Patagonia does technically make plus-size clothing, but sadly, they have a very limited range of styles and sizes.

Plus sizes in Patagonia run-up to 2XL or XXL, which is way behind the rest of the fashion world. Even brands such as H&M and Zara, who are known for being behind in plus-size clothing, have sizes that go up to 3XL.

This is really surprising considering how vocal the brand is about most issues of society, from environmentalism to sweatshops. I hope they increase the range of their sizes in the coming years.

Final Remarks

In this article, I tried to go over the slightly complicated sizing system at Patagonia, so that you don’t have to worry before making your next purchase with this excellent brand.

So, here’s a quick recap before I sign off.

Does Patagonia run small? The slim fit and regular fit clothing at Patagonia runs small, while the relaxed fit clothes tend to be true to size. This is true for all the products that the brand makes, including jackets, hoodies, and more.