Does Good American Run Small? (Sizing Guide!)

Good American tends to run a tad bit small across most of its product categories.

The brand was founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, and their mission is to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. 

It is primarily known for its curve-hugging denim jeans and body-positive messaging, but Good American has also become famous for its celebrity endorsements, with everyone from Kendall Jenner to Ashley Graham being spotted in their denim.

Good American also offers a wide range of sizes, and they pride themselves on being able to serve a wide range of body types.

But while they do have a huge range of sizes (and I commend them for that), the actual sizing of the products is a bit hit or miss.

In this article, I will be going over Good American sizing, and what you need to do in order to get the best fit at this brand. But if you directly want to shop at the ongoing Good American sale, you can click on the button below.

How Does Good American Fit?

good american

Good American jeans and dresses tend to run one size small, but their tops are mostly true to size.

The brand is known for its inclusive sizing, as it offers clothing in sizes 00-24. Good American is a great option for women who want to feel stylish and comfortable in their own skin. 

However, most female models that I’ve spoken to (and being in the fashion industry, I’ve spoken to a lot of them) have said that the brand runs just a tad bit small, especially in their most popular categories – jeans and dresses.

So here’s what you should do 👉

Take a look at Good American’s official size chart, and compare your measurements with it. If you are ordering a dress or a pair of jeans, just go one size bigger than what the chart recommends. If you are ordering anything else, then you can stick to the size chart.

But this sizing issue does not mean that you should avoid Good American like the plague because their quality is actually pretty good.

Also, one tip that I would like to give you is always to check out the clearance section at Good American. Sometimes, due to a glitch, it is possible that the discount on a certain item is available only through the ‘Clearance’ page and not the product page itself.

The brand’s clothing is fashionable and flattering, and its inclusive sizing means that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of jeans or a dress for a special occasion, Good American has you covered.

What size should you get at Good American?

If you are buying a pair of jeans or a dress from Good American, go one size up. For everything else, go true to size.

Most of their jeans have some percentage of stretch in them, therefore going one size up is more than enough to get the right fit.

You can check out their official sizing guide here. It will clear up all your doubts.

While figuring out the sizing can be a bit of a hassle, the rewards at the end are pretty good. Sure, the quality is nowhere close to designer-level stuff that Khloe herself wears, but given the price point, it’s actually pretty amazing.

And don’t forget, you can always return or exchange a pair of jeans if they don’t fit quite right.

Which Good American Items Run Small?

Good American ClothingSizing
TopsTrue to size.
DressesRun small.
FootwearTrue to size.
JeansRun small.


Good American tops tend to run true to size. However, it is always best to consult the size chart before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting the right fit. 

Some styles of shirts, such as fitted or slim-fit shirts, may run smaller than loose or regular-fit shirts. But that just depends on the cut of the individual garments, so I would still advise you against sizing up.


Good American dresses tend to run smaller than other brands. There are a few reasons for this, but the most common one has to do with the sizing standards that are used in the United States.

Another reason why Good American dresses may run small is because of the way that the clothing is made. In general, Good American isn’t really known for long, flowy dresses, so you shouldn’t expect a ton of room in their garments.  


Good American shoes are mostly true to size. Therefore, you do not need to size up or down. 

And if you’re in between sizes, always err on the side of buying a bigger size. It’s always easier to make shoes smaller (with an insole or heel pad, for example) than it is to make them bigger.


Good American jeans run a size smaller compared to other brands. 

This is true for almost all of the cuts that they offer, and you would be much better off going one size up.

It is a shame that they can’t figure out proper sizing though, considering the fact that jeans are sort of their specialty.

But it is what is, I guess.

Good American Size Chart For Women

All measurements are in inches.


0XS32 – 3324 – 2535 – 36
1S34 – 3526 – 2736 – 37
2M36 – 3728 – 2938 – 39
3L38.5 – 4030.5 – 32.540.5 – 42
4XL41 – 42.533.5 – 36.543 – 45.5
52XL43.5 – 4638.5 – 4247.5 – 51
63XL47 – 5043.5 – 4752.5 – 56
74XL51 – 5448.5 – 5257.5 – 61



Does Good American make plus-size clothing?

Yes, Good American does make plus-size clothing. The brand offers sizes up to 24, which equals a size 32 in plus sizing. They’ve been praised for their inclusivity, but currently, only offer straight and size-inclusive sizing. 

While Good American does not specialize in plus-size clothing, it does offer a wide range of clothing and accessories for women who wear plus sizes.

In addition to clothing and accessories, it also offers a range of shapewear, which helps create a smoother silhouette and improves the overall look of the clothing.

Final Remarks 

Good American has definitely cracked the code when it comes to providing trendy designs at affordable prices.

Sadly, what they haven’t been able to crack, is their sizing.

Good American jeans and dresses run small. Their shoes and tops are true to size.