Does Versace Run Small? (Detailed Sizing Review)

Most Versace clothes run small, but their shoes more or less fit true to size.

Versace is a luxury Italian brand that is coveted by people all around the world. The brand makes luxury designer products for both men and women.

They have always been at the top of their game when it comes to designing something fresh and avant garde. However, they are notorious for having products that run smaller than usual.

Unfortunately, this is true for most Italian luxury brands selling designer clothing. But you need not worry because, in this article, I will demystify their sizing system so that you can avoid wasting money by purchasing the wrong size.

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How do Versace Clothes Fit?

versace clothing

Versace Clothes tend to be snug and tight-fitted. People buying Versace products are recommended to size up for a better and more comfortable fit.

Versace has some serious sizing issues when it comes to its clothes. Even Kim Kardashian has complained about being unable to fit into their clothes.

So what should you do?

Here’s what I recommend. Go to a page on the Versace website that has a size chart button, such as this one. Now, at the right, you will see a small link that says Size Guide.

Versace website
The size chart button on Versace product pages.

Click on that button. Now, take your measurements and compare them with the size chart that you see on screen. If you are buying shoes, just follow the size chart. If you are buying ANYTHING else, it would be better to go one size up from the chart recommends.

Following this rule of thumb will make your ordering process extremely easy.

The only time I would recommend you to go two sizes up is if you are an extremely curvy woman or man. But in 90% of the cases, going up a single size would suffice.

Another thing I noticed is that their website is actually quite glitchy and does not show discounts even if they are present. To combat this, you can use the quick tip written below.

Quick Tip πŸ‘‰ Sometimes the Versace website shows discounts on products only after going through the clearance section and not if you directly go to the product page. Thus, make sure that you always check for your product in the sale section on the Versace website.

Let’s explore the sizing of individual Versace products in some more detail.

Which Versace Items Run Small?

Versace Clothes Sizing 
Tops and TeesRuns small
ShirtsRuns small 
DressesRuns small
ShoesTrue to size 

Tops and Tees

Versace tops and tees run small for both men and women. Customers are requested to size up when buying their uppers from the brand.

While most brands have sizing problems only for women, that is not the case with Versace.

For men, unfortunately, you need to size up as well. Men’s tees also run big and might stick to the skin if you get the regular size.


Versace shirts run small, and customers need to size up. Their shirts can be about one or two sizes small, depending on your fitting preferences. 

I do own two Versace shirts, and their shirts run small.

Shirt sizing can depend a lot on the type of fit you want and the style of the casual shirt. From experience, if you wish for a baggier fit, you need to go up two to three sizes. If you want more of a snug fit, going up a single size would suffice.


Versace dresses run small, and customers need to size up. Versace dresses typically run one size small.

Versace Dress

If you opt for a bodycon, you can go for one size big so that it doesn’t get too uncomfortable. Considering the cost of these dresses, I would recommend that you order two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit you. Versace has a very chill return policy, so don’t be afraid of fees and charges.


Versace shoes are true to size and don’t require sizing up. Their shoes follow a regular sizing pattern and fit well.

Versace shoes are the only product category that fits smoothly for both men and women. Their heels are also really comfortable, and can be bought in your regular size.

Versace Size Chart For Women

While it is better to check out the official size guide at Versace (linked here), you can use the tables below as a good starting point.

Dresses and Tops

IT36 / XXS38 / XS40 / S42 / M44 / L46 / XL48 / XXL



Does Versace Make Plus Size Clothing?

Versace does not make plus-size clothing. Their regular clothes go up only to size 4XL or US size 12.

It’s high time that a big brand like Versace starts a dedicated line for plus-size people. Although recently they started including ‘plus-size’ models at their runway shows, there has not been any official communication from their executives about a possible plus-size collection in the future.

Versace Clothes fit small anyway, so having 4XL is not ideal for plus-size people. They should consider stepping up to the mark and introducing a plus-size range, at least in my opinion.

Final Remarks

In this article, I tried to make sense of the often non-sensical sizing system of Versace. I hope I achieved what I set out to do.

Let’s do a quick recap.

Is Versace a true-to-size brand?

Versace clothes run small and require sizing up. Their dresses fit particularly tight, but their shoes are true to size. If you buy Versace clothing, you should look at a bigger size than you usually wear.