How To Use A Suede Eraser? Step-By-Step Guide

Suede is one of the most underrated fabrics for shoes and boots. It is light, breathable, and adds a unique texture to an outfit. It adds a three-dimensional quality to any piece and can be styled in a variety of different ways.

But as anyone who has ever owned a pair of suede boots will tell you, suede is a pain in the ass to clean.

You can’t use water to clean it – that will just make things worse. And because suede has a nap and not a clear surface, you can’t use an old cloth to wipe it; something you can do with most leather sneakers and boots.

That’s where suede erasers come in. Suede erasers are erasers that are made specifically for cleaning and restoring the look of suede.

In this article, I will be talking about how to use suede erasers in the best way possible.

How To Use A Suede Eraser?

Using a suede eraser is pretty simple. It comes down to a few basic steps, that if rightly followed, will completely transform the look of your suede.

1. Buy a quality suede eraser in the first place

The market is littered with terrible products and knockoffs being sold in the name of suede cleaning solutions. There are fake cleaning creams, waterproofing sprays, and of course, there are fake suede erasers.

It is very important you buy a quality suede eraser. A bad eraser would, at best, do nothing to your shoes, and at worst, completely destroy them.

And it’s not like good suede erasers are expensive – you can find some for under 10 bucks on Amazon. Think about it; you are making your boots look brand new for just $10.

That’s a deal I would take any day of the week.

2. Read the instructions carefully

Most quality suede erasers are going to come with a set of helpful instructions. Make sure that you read those diligently, and in case of confusion, always give original instructions more preference.

Basically, the process of cleaning suede through an eraser is pretty similar across brands, but there might be a few minute differences here and there.

And if there’s any divergence between the content of this guide and the instructions on the back of your suede eraser, always give preference to the original instructions.

3. Clean the suede as well as you can before beginning

This is an optional but highly recommended step. If you have a suede brush, use it on your shoes before going for the suede eraser.

This will ensure that most of the big mud pieces and dirt stuck to the shoe are already out, so you can focus on your energies on the stubborn marks and stains.

A suede eraser can deal with the larger pieces of dirt too, but why waste your energy (and your rubber) on them when you can simply brush the mud away.

4. Rub in the direction of the suede fibers

The most important thing when rubbing dirt out through a suede eraser is ensuring that you are rubbing in the direction of the nap, that is, the direction of the suede fibers.

See, rubbing is not a delicate process. So you need to take utmost care that you make slow, deliberate strokes that aren’t against the grain, as going too hard can destroy the suede fibers.

If the suede fibers flow from top to bottom, you must rub from top to bottom too. If suede fibers flow upwards, then you must rub upwards.

Simple as that.

What Is A Suede Eraser?

Suede erasers are a type of dedicated erasers that remove scuff marks, mud, and dirt from suede. These cleaning tools are usually block-shaped and white in color. Their crumb-like particles excel in restoring the nap of the suede.

Although there are many different ways to clean suede, suede erasers are probably the simplest of the lot. It’s just like using a pencil eraser. The only difference is that you are using it on your suede boots.

Do Suede Erasers Really Work?

Suede erasers actually work in getting rid of scuff marks from your suede shoes or boots.

But you need to be aware of a couple of caveats too. First, suede erasers are great for getting rid of scuffs, mud, and dirt from your shoes. They aren’t that good at removing stains. For that, you would need to get a restoration and cleaning spray.

Secondly, if you buy a cheap suede eraser from Walmart that has terrible quality, you can be assured that it is not going to work. However, if you buy a good quality suede eraser from a top brand, you can be sure of the opposite.

Can You Use A Normal Eraser On Suede?

No, you shouldn’t use a normal pencil eraser on suede. Doing so may lead to whitening and discoloration.

Suede erasers are made specifically to deal with suede. They are completely safe to use. But the problem with pencil erasers is that they are made to get rid of stains from paper. Suede fibers are much more sensitive and thus need to be treated delicately.

Using a pencil eraser on your suede shoes would lead to the destruction of suede fibers in that area. The color from your eraser can also spill onto the shoe, making matters worse.

Final Remarks

Using a suede eraser is pretty simple. Just follow this four-step process:

  1. Buy a quality suede eraser in the first place.
  2. Read the instructions carefully.
  3. Use a suede brush to get some dirt out before beginning.
  4. Using the suede eraser, rub in the direction of the suede fibers.

This will ensure that your suede shoes are restored back to their original glory in no time. Once your suede shoes begin getting dirty again, simply repeat the process.