How Much Does A Polo Shirt Weigh? (Solved!)

Polo shirts are the wonder kid of men’s fashion – they look good in offices, they look good in casual situations, and heck, they even look good in sports.

But have you ever wondered what is the actual weight of your polo shirt?

In this article, I will be going over the different ways to measure the weight of your polo shirt, and what are the nuances that you need to keep in mind when doing so.

However, if you want a quick answer, just take a look at this table.

Unit of MeasurementPolo Shirt Weight
Pounds0.6 lb
Ounces10 oz
Kilograms0.25 Kg
Grams250 gm

But remember, these numbers are just the average due to the various factors that can alter the weight of a polo. To understand these numbers a bit more, we’re going to need to dive a bit deeper.

What is the Weight of a Polo Shirt?

polo shirt weight

On average, a men’s polo shirt weighs around 0.6 pounds (or 0.25 kg). The fabric weight of a polo, which is measured in GSM, is roughly equal to 200 GSM.

But there are a lot of reasons that your polo shirt may not be equal to these numbers in terms of its weight.

First of all, if your size falls in the extreme ranges (think XS or XXL), then the weight of your polo shirt is accordingly going to be smaller or larger.

Also, the GSM (Grams per Square Meter) of your polo primarily depends upon the weight of the fabric that is being used. There are basically three different categories in GSM:

  • Lightweight – these fabrics fall between 30 and 150 GSM.
  • Medium Weight – these fabrics fall between 150 and 350 GSM.
  • Heavyweight – these fabrics are above 350 GSM.

While most polo shirts average out around 200 GSM (pique polos are slightly heavier), and therefore fall in the medium weight category, this may not necessarily be true all the time.

For example, if your polo shirt is made from a synthetic material like polyester, chances are that it is going to fall in the lightweight category.

Whereas cotton polos that are made from extra-dense fabrics can edge near the heavyweight category. But around 90% of the polo shirts in the market average out around the 200 GSM mark only.

How much does a Ralph Lauren Polo Weigh?

While the weight of the shirt varies from size to size, most Ralph Lauren polos weigh around 12 ounces.

The classic fits that are made from 100% cotton can go up to 13 ounces too in larger sizes such as XXL.

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Because Ralph Lauren uses heavier cotton to make their shirts, their GSM also tends to be more than the 200 GSM average of other polo brands.

How much does a Nike Polo Weigh?

Because Nike mostly makes performance polos, their shirts tend to be a lot lighter in weight. On average, their polo shirts are going to weigh in between 3-5 oz.

These shirts are usually made from polyester, which is a moisture-wicking and performance-enhancing fabric and therefore is used a lot by professional athletes.

In terms of GSM, Nike polo shirts qualify as medium-weight shirts.

How much does a Long Sleeves Polo Weigh?

Naturally, long sleeves polo shirts weigh more than their short sleeves counterparts. A long-sleeved polo weighs around 0.8 lbs (or 350 grams).

The GSM of the shirt however stays almost the same, because GSM determines the density of a garment rather than its true weight.

As I said in the previous section, this might not exactly align with the weight of your polo because there might be differences in size, quality, weight, etc. Treat this number as a reference point only.

How much does a Polo Sweater Weigh?

A polo collared sweater weighs around 1 lb (or 0.45 kg). The weight depends a lot on the materials used, because sweaters can be made from cotton, polyester, wool, cashmere, and many other fabrics.

Therefore, it is impossible for me to determine the GSM of your polo sweater because it is a number that depends on the fabric.

However, most probably the GSM is going to be written on the care label of your polo, so it might be worth it to check that out.

Final Remarks

In this article, I tried to cover the issue of polo shirt weight in detail, so that you are able to determine the exact weight of your stylish polo shirt.

Here’s a quick recap.

Polo shirts can vary widely in weight due to the complicated manufacturing process. But on average, most polo shirts weigh around 250 grams (10 oz) and their GSM is 200.